Holiday Party Etiquette

Holiday'Tis the season for office holiday parties. Whether you work in a large office or small one we have to remember the numerous eyes and ears around when socializing outside of the office. Don't think because you are not in the office or because it is after work hours that you can turn off the "Work Mode" switch. This is an opportunity to let loose and be stress free of the office but need to keep in mind holiday party etiquette.

This is not thirsty Thursday with your college buddies, no drinking games will be happening at this soiree. These are your colleagues, no need to go beer to beer with anyone, it's not a competition to see who will blackout first. Know your limit.

Don't be the ring leader of gossiping. There is no way to escape office gossip, but you don't want to be the known as the person who had the wooden spoon stirring the pot. Now you will be the one others will be gossiping about in the morning.

Have fun! Outside work functions are designed for employees to have fun on the companies expense. Participate in the karaoke contest or limbo contest, dance the night away, all while having a few cocktails with the people you spend the majority of you week with. As Always, remember to drink responsibly.

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