Missing Baby: Every Foster Parent's Worst Nightmare

Missing Baby: Every Foster Parent's Worst Nightmare
3-Month-Old Royalty Wolf

One week ago 3-month-old Royalty Wolf was kidnapped. She was in DCFS custody and she disappeared from a supervised visit with her biological mother, Mikequera Randolph. Royalty had been living with a relative foster parent (also called a "kindship caregiver"). This piece is written by Juliane Neely, the foster parent of an older sibling of Royalty.

When children in foster care go missing, especially at the hands of their biological family, there isn't necessarily a village out there fighting for their safe return. I invite you to become part of Royalty's village. One week is too long, and we have no idea if she's still safe. Please pray for her safe return and do all you can to spread the media coverage of this case. Sadly no Amber Alert has been issued, causing the public to doubt the validity of this story. I assure you, this child is in danger, and she needs to be found.

These are Julianne's chilling words about finding out this baby, her daughter's sister, had gone missing:

It’s a foster parents worst nightmare, that we will send this child that we protected and cared for off to a visit, only to never see them again. The threat is always hanging over our heads that they will move the child to a different home without giving us a chance to say goodbye, or that the lacking supervision during the visit will contribute to the child being taken.

I’ll never forget where I was when Royalty's foster mom called me. A Dairy Queen of all places. It was a warm day, the kids and I had just sat down with our ice cream when she called me for the second time that day. I had missed her first call and something in my gut told me I better not miss this one.

I made her repeat herself a few times, “What?!” “What?!”, “What?!”

“Julianne, they asked me what she was wearing.”

That sounded real. Too real. Like a baby was missing kind of real.

“They will find her, they have too.”

We let the words hang in the air. Memories of birth mom harming us, harming others, and threatening harm flooded our heads.

“This baby isn’t safe. They have to find her.”

Royalty Wolf in the Outfit She Was Last Seen Wearing

Royalty Wolf in the Outfit She Was Last Seen Wearing

I didn’t say it, I didn’t want to cause more worry and panic, but all I could think was, “she’s so little. Mom is so volatile. I hope she doesn’t hurt this baby”.

More memories flooded my brain... objects being thrown at visits; behavior that contributed to lockdowns; people left bleeding in the streets.

“They know her history, how could they ever allow a visit outside of a secured location?” 

In Mikequera’s previous cases visits had been restricted to the courthouse with metal detectors and security guards posted nearby. How could DCFS have allowed a visit to take place at a relatives home without any security?

“Will they issue an Amber Alert?”

With more questions than answers, we ended the call. 

12 hours passed. An Amber Alert still hadn’t been issued, the media still hadn’t been contacted. 

“What’s going on? Does no one care?!”

“Is DCFS more concerned about covering themselves than finding this baby?!”

We tried to sleep, but mostly laid awake, messaging one another, searching for any media coverage.

“We’re going to have to lead our own effort.”

Flyers were made, a Facebook page created (https://www.facebook.com/FindRoyaltyWolf), press releases issued, a vigil planned, posters made, speeches written for press conferences.

A week has passed...  still no Amber alert and no answers. 

Missing and Endangered Infant Royalty Wolf

Missing and Endangered Infant Royalty Wolf

We will not forget you Royalty. Your community will not let you be forgotten.

Please take a moment to share this story and/or the media coverage listed below, and please join the Facebook group to help in the effort to find Royalty Wolf.





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