Homework Help or Harm?

Homework Help or Harm?

"Mom, can you help me with my homework?"  Sure, seems simple enough, right?  Parents should help their kids with their homework.


That Being Said...


This often starts out as a simple request, but ends up with mommy at the table, sometimes alone, finishing a project, writing out notes or trying to figure out a mathematical equation that I  had never learned myself while doing the "old math" in school.

With four children and what seems like endless homework, there are times when homework help turns into me simply helping a bit too much.

At a recent open house at my 2nd grade son's school, the teacher said that every year, it never fails, a parent uses their non-dominant hand to complete their child's homework.  She warned the parents in attendance that this is only harming their student.

While I agree with her statement and would never use my non-dominant hand to do my child's homework (I prefer to stand over them and tell them the answers and then they write it in themselves when we are short on time) I do think that parents are sometimes put into situations that call for a little creative help.

This "creative help" can often turn into parents doing much of the homework for their child in lieu of said child getting a missing assignment mark on their records.

Is this wrong?  Probably.  But when you have a volleyball game, cross country meet, dinner to prepare and a thousand other things to do, then a "little help" with the fractions worksheet doesn't seem like it is going to do any harm.


The way I see it, they should be learning the concepts in school, practicing at home, then testing to make sure the concepts have gotten through to them.  Here is my logic, if they did the first half of the worksheet and grasped the concepts, then, for the sake of time, a little nudge or hint at the answer is acceptable.  At least that is what I will continue to tell myself to make me feel better.

Sure, they do 90% of the homework themselves, but that 10% x4 does add up.


I would write more, but we have a project due next week, a book report to edit and well, never mind.  Happy homework helping!


What is your stance, do you help with homework, especially when time is in short supply?


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