South Side Irish St. Patrick's Day Parade...Dry?

South Side Irish St. Patrick's Day Parade...Dry?


As a child, I loved finding a spot on the curb and waiting for the parade on Western Avenue to begin.  I remember the crowds, the sea of green lining the streets.  My favorite were the Irish dancers.  They were beautiful and fantastic, with their big curly hair and legwork that seemed to defy gravity.

This year, they are attempting to make the event more family focused.

That being said..

Some of my most horrific memories of the parade were the things I witnessed as a child of the drunken madness that followed.  Men urinating on people's front lawns, people passed out in the streets and throwing up in trash cans.  I remember my mom covering my eyes on certain occasions, surely trying to shield me from whatever we were passing while trying to get back to our car.

I hope that the parade organizers are successful in their attempt to keep the parade "dry", although I doubt it.  I personally know of people who will arrive three sheets to the wind.  They have been partying since yesterday.  I just hope they are smart enough not to drive while inebriated.

Unfortunately, drinking heavily and St. Paddy's Day go hand in hand.  So, if you plan to take your children to the SSISPDP, plan on arriving early to find a parking spot and leaving as soon as the parade concludes to avoid the public asshattery that may follow.

On a positive note...The family togetherness and Irish pride that will displayed today is always impressive and well worth the trip to Western Avenue, even if you may have to put blinders on the kids at some point.

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!   (St. Patrick's Day blessings to all!)





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  • Just like your mom, I did a lot of eye covering. My last experience at the parade started out great. I went many times as a kid, and was excited to take them for the first time. Then my husband got attacked while in line for port-a-john by a vicious drunk who confused him for someone else-at 11 am. 4 men had to hold the guy back...right in front of my kids. It was horrible. Many eye covering moments later while walking to our car after the parade, a kid in nothing but a white T, jeans, barefoot, and completely covered in BLOOD, crossed the street to walk straight at us...he looked ready to kill someone. It was absolutely terrifying, right out of a horror movie. I braced myself, looked around for help, but there was no one in sight. Try explaining that to your little ones. There was no distracting from this one, and made me realize what a dangerous place this parade has become. It went quickly from a fun day, to "what the hell was I thinking to bring my kids here?" It absolutely had to change. Shameful. I hope this works, and they can make it fun again. It will take LOTS of convincing.

  • In reply to indebt:

    Wow, this is the reason I was scared to go back. As a young adult, I could simply leave when things got out of hand, but when you have small children, you have to consider what they will witness. I have heard that the parade this year was beautiful and without incident, so maybe next year we can give it another shot. I'm still bringing the blinders, just in case. Thanks for your comment!

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    Indebt, that is a horrible story. However, today's parade was more in line with what you were expecting. No trouble to speak of and just a lot of family fun.

    Please give it another try next year. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  • In reply to Tom McGourty:

    Thanks for the update Tom! I am going to give it another try next year, fingers crossed!

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