Top 10 Reasons Why I Can't Stand Know-it-all Moms

Moms...We all have different styles of parenting, what we believe is right and wrong, differing views of acceptable discipline and so on and so forth.  While we appreciate your vast knowledge of all things pertaining to perfect child rearing, sometimes it is a bit much.

That being said...

Enough is enough!


TOP 10 Reasons Why I Cant Stand Know-It-All-Moms


10..My children are mine, therefore I will raise them and screw them up to my own judgement and liking, thank you.

9..All of your thoughts pertaining to how many mistakes I am making while raising my children do not need to be said out loud.  I manage to keep my ill conceived thoughts about you to myself, so can you.

8..While it takes a village to raise a child, I heard the neighboring one is quite nice, you should check it out.

7..While I was a "stay at home" mom, you criticized me for not being in the workforce.

6..Now that I work outside of the home, you criticize me for not being home as often for my kids.

5..If you have to start a conversation with "Now, it's none of my business, but..." then you probably should just stay out of it.

4..While you may feel that the playground disputes of our children are a matter of life and death and should be acted upon with great urgency, I feel that letting them figure it out themselves is far more educational and  appropriate.

3..If you disagreed so much with my decision making, why do you so often follow suit? hmmm.

2..Most of us know that it is only your insecurities that make you feel as if you have to publicly argue your superior parenting skills, which only makes us wonder if you are a closet "bad parent".

1..While you were bragging about your perfectly raised child, he was behind you with one hand in his pants and a finger up his nose.




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