Online Acronym Etiquette

Online Acronym Etiquette

Now that my children are getting to the age where they are frequently using the internet for school, socializing and such, I am burdened with the task of monitoring their usage to make sure they are behaving online.  I have not yet come across anything worthy of discipline or punishment.

That being said...


The annoying  over-usage of LOL, LMAO and the like have warranted a discussion in my house.  While peeking at my daughter's facebook page, I noticed comments like "I have to do my homework now LOL!" and "going to ballet, talk to you later LOL".

I tried explaining that she should only use LOL when something makes her actually laugh out loud.  I suggested the more appropriate ha ha, or  heh heh instead for things that need clarification when being humorous.  I think she gets it now and I have noticed a decline in her over-usage of said acronyms.

Since our conversation, I have been more aware of my own acronym use and that of others around me.  It seems that my own children are not the only ones who are frequent abusers of these acronyms.  Many adults could benefit from a course in online acronym etiquette.  "Just had lunch at a new restaurant" should NOT be followed by LOL.  Unless the experience was hilarious, I do not see why eating a new restaurant would result in laughing out loud.  Another friend happened to pass me by as we were traveling in the opposite direction down the same road the other day.  I received a text, "I just passed you by! LOL"  Who knows, maybe she did laugh out loud as she passed.  Maybe I looked funny, but I highly doubt it resulted in an outburst of laughter.

So before you type your next LOL, LMAO or ROFLMAO, check yourself if it's not that funny.

For parents who are looking for answers when decifering their children's acronym usage, there are some really useful sites that have all of your answers.

Check out the Internet Acronyms Dictionary and Netlingo.




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