Christmas, New Year.....What's Next Mom?

Christmas, New Year.....What's Next Mom?

The kids absolutely LOVE this time of year when the Christmas tree sets aglow the living room, presents are piled high on Christmas morning and New Years Eve allows the rare late bedtime to watch the ball drop.

That being said...

I am so glad it is over.  Not that I didn't enjoy watching the excited eyes of my children as they enjoyed every part of the holiday season, I did.

This morning, while finishing his breakfast, my youngest asked "Mom, what's next?"  What do mean? I asked.  "You know, Christmas came, then New what comes next?" Well, if you mean holidays, I said, then I guess Valentine's Day would be next. "Oh," he said.  "What about today?  What happens today?"  He had become so accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the season that he seriously expected it to continue well into this week.  Nothing, I answered.  Absolutely nothing.  I thought my answer may have disappointed him but instead he smiled and said "Can I stay in my pajamas all day then?"  Absolutely, I replied.  That sounds like a plan.

With that, came a feeling of relief, almost a calmness that the hoopla was over.  We, for the first time in weeks, had no shopping to do, no cookies to bake and no making sure the house was in tip-top shape for guests.  No holiday concerts to attend, no school parties to organize, just a relaxing day at home with the people I love.

He ran around the house announcing to his brothers and sister that they too could have what he coined a "lazy day" and stay in their pajamas all day.  The simple request granted brought cheers and laughter from kids that had been dressed to the nines in uncomfortable clothes and made to perform holiday classics on their instruments on a hot stage for hours in front of hundreds of people.


Pajamas all day, who knew the joy it could bring.


The best gift of the season has finally arrived, the gift of the end of the holidays.  Hug your little ones tight and if you haven't had your first lazy day of the season, go for it, it is wonderful!




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