Schweddy Balls

Being a mom, I completely understand the importance of being an advocate for making the world a safer place for our children.  I do it everyday, whether I pick up a broken bottle on the playground, make sure a child gets safely home or go to school parent/teacher meetings to make my voice heard.

That being said.....

There are a million more important issues that need attention when it comes to our children than a new ice cream flavor from Ben & Jerry's called Schweddy Balls.  The name comes from an old SNL skit where Alec Baldwin AKA Pete Schweddy appears on a NPR radio show to showcase his holiday dessert company. The skit is one of my all-time favorites.  I tried to find a full video, but I find that this video with a few screen shots does the trick.

I feel that the "One Million Moms" could better use their energy fighting for something worthwhile, oh, who knows, something like getting food into the mouths of hungry children, the lack of affordable health care or the country's going to hell in a hand basket educational funding???  Any takers?

I just feel that an ice cream flavor may not be the most detrimental thing negatively affecting our children at this time.  Most of us wouldn't even know about the new flavor if it weren't for their campaign against the ice cream maker, so in retrospect, they have actually given Ben & Jerry's some really good free advertising.  I may even run out and grab a container of Schweddy Balls myself today.

One Million Moms had a problem with Chaz Bono and Dancing With the Stars too.  I guess their stance is that if kids do know about LGBT people, then they will cease to exist?  I say letting children know about people's differences only better prepares them for the world as an adult.

I think I will spend an hour today watching old SNL re-runs while eating Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls!

That being said...Don't like the new flavor, don't buy it!


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  • Was wondering if I was the ONLY person on the planet that noticed that ice cream, actually when I saw it I LITERALLY felt I needed to show the person next to me. Ben & Jerry's just may have taken it to far.

    Kind of a wide left turn with the name I must say..

  • In reply to Curtis Shaw Flagg:

    I wouldn't have known about it were it not for the media coverage because of the mom's group disapproval. While I agree that the name probably isn't the best choice for an ice cream flavor, I think it is more for shock and comedic value than anything. For die hard SNL fans who remember the skit, it is funny. I can also see why many see it as offensive if they do not get the reference.

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