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Food Network Smackdown: Bourdain VS Deen

Food Network Smackdown: Bourdain VS Deen
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Opinions are like…well, you know the saying.    That being said….. In today’s world, people who are deemed celebrities by either the entertainment industry or sometimes themselves, feel the need to tweet their opinions to the world.  Most are ignored or go off without a hitch.  Then there... Read more »

That's Not My Name

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I know, my name is not familiar nor easy to remember.  I get that. That being said… It’s spelled phonetically.  Is it really that hard to say?  It’s three friggin syllables.  My name is Nabeha.  Say it with me…                                                       Nuh-bee-huh.  Not so tough, right?  You would be surprised at the number and frequency of mispronunciations... Read more »