Food Network Smackdown: Bourdain VS Deen

Food Network Smackdown: Bourdain VS Deen

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Opinions are like...well, you know the saying. 


That being said.....

In today's world, people who are deemed celebrities by either the entertainment industry or sometimes themselves, feel the need to tweet their opinions to the world.  Most are ignored or go off without a hitch.  Then there are those tweets that spark a media and internet frenzy and just won't go away.

Anthony Bourdain, whom I greatly admire for his foodie knowledge and his devil may care attitude, chose to attack, via twitter, Paula Deen.  Paula also holds a place in my heart because my mom is from the South and Paula would fit in just fine at my kitchen table.  She even bares a striking resemblance to my Aunt Patsy.  It doesn't hurt that through Paula, I learned to make a mean shortbread and I have stolen and tweaked several of her recipes and have made them my own.

I can see where there would be a disconnect in the fabric that would link Bourdain and Deen, as they differ SO much in their opinion of food and how they choose to use it/eat it.  What I do not understand is Bourdain's need to publicly announce his displeasure with Deen and call her the "worst cook on Food Network".   Even if he did hold that opinion, why share it in that way?

I liken this to a discussion I had recently with my children.  My son came barreling down the hallway, as if he was on fire, to exclaim "(his sister) called me dumb!"  I did what I usually do and called on his sister to apologize.  She did.  Then I asked him if he thought he was dumb.  He said very sternly "no, I'm very smart."  Ok, I said, then why did you get so upset when she called you dumb?  He looked confused. 

I went on to explain that just because someone says something does not make it true.  To make it clearer, I said that I have green hair.  "No you don't!"  Exactly, and it clicked. 

Some adults (or as Paula would say"grown folk") seem to need to become reaquanited with this lesson, as to Paula Deen's credit, she did.  She said she was "shocked" by Bourdain's statement made one of her own:

 "Anthony, dear, I'm so sorry you feel that way. I, too, am put in that position — I'm asked questions that could really get me in trouble, but I wiggle my way around them because some things are best left unsaid. Listen, come to my house, I'll cook you a meal and if you still feel that way about me, so be it."

Lesson here?  Be the better person.  Don't sink to the level of the person who chooses to name call and belittle by doing so yourself.


Not that it needs to be said, but Deen 1, Bourdain 0.  Butter his butt n call em a biscuit, Y'ALL.

Sorry Anthony, but my 6 year old knows better.

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