Justice For Caylee?

Justice For Caylee?

I have an extreme amount of respect for our justice system and what it represents, though I have yet to fully grasp what specifically determines guilt in accordance with our laws.

That being said..

When I heard that Casey Anthony was NOT GUILTY in the death of her daughter, Caylee, I wanted to scream.  I was not disappointed that she wasn't guilty, but disappointed that there was no closure or justice for Caylee. 

I know a guilty verdict would not change the fact that a little girl's life was ended too soon, but it would have given  symbolic closure to a horrible crime.  I guess that I lost faith in Casey's story when it was determined that "Zanaida the nanny" didn't exist.  Then there was the decaying body smell in Casey's trunk.  That and the fact that Casey went bar hopping and got a tattoo that read "Bella Vita",  or beautiful life in Italian, while Caylee was "missing".  As a mother, I find it hard to believe those were the actions of a grieving or worried parent. Oh, and the million or so other things that pointed directly at the guilt of Casey Anthony. 

Maybe what the court/jury needed was a video of Anthony duct taping Caylee's mouth after administering clorphorm and placing her in the trunk of her car.  Would that have helped warrant a conviction?

   I just think  that if Caylee had drowned in the family pool, then 9-1-1 should have been dialed and the only reason fathomable to me that it was not would be fear of discovery of foul play.   In letters written by Casey Anthony, she admitted using chlorophorm to put her daughter to sleep.  Not a car ride or chammomile baths like most mothers would do, but chlorophorm.  This alone makes Anthony one scary person in my book.

I can only hope that Casey Anthony truly wasn't guilty and that possibility is the only thing that makes me more comfortable with the verdict.

I will say a prayer for Caylee and hope that if our justice system did not step up to hold who did this to her accountable that karma does and they pay for their crimes in one way or another.

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