Chinese Hero-Mom

Chinese Hero-Mom

By now we have all heard of the heroic feat of baby-saving greatness that happened in Hangzhou, China.   How wonderful of that woman to think and act fast to save the life of that poor baby who fell 10 stories from an apartment window.

That being said...

It was a Chinese girl who showed everyone up on piano in music class.  She was just better than everyone, no question.  Next best?  Her little sister. 

Tiger moms around the world rejoice, you have earned it.

It was a Chinese girl that took the 1st place trophy in the science fair that I so desperately tried to win.  She was simply smarter and more dedicated, therefore, her project better. 

It was a Chinese girl who always aced every math test/quiz/final, EVERY ONE.

It was a Chinese girl who was most likely the Valedictorian and/or Salutatorian of all graduating classes everywhere, always. 

It is, now, a Chinese woman who performs a miraculous feat of bravery by becoming super-human and flying to the rescue of a toddler falling from a 10-story apartment window.

Now you guys are just showing off.

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