Bitch Slap vs Regular Slap

Bitch Slap vs Regular Slap

While at the grocery store, my daughter accidentally (key word**accidentally**) pushed our cart into the backside of another shopper.  I apologized immediately, as did my daughter and I was surprised that she wasn't so forgiving.   Her only response was an eye roll and a snide comment. 

That being said...

Dear Mean Shopping Cart Lady...I understand that it was probably painful when my cart hit your ass, but was it really necessary to stare down my 9 year old and threaten to "bitch slap" a girl under your breath?  Yes, I heard you.  

Really?  Bitch slap?  She weighs about as much as your left arm and besides that her mom would claw your eyes out should you try. 

Who knew that a trip to Jewel could be so terrifying.

That got me thinking, what exactly is a bitch slap?  Is it more painful than a standard 'ole regular slap? 

I asked my facebook friends that very question and the concencus was that the bitch slap is, by far,  the more painful variety of the two slaps. 

One friend, Carol, explained it so well:

"A regular slap is planned. You know ur gonna slap someone so you bring ur hand back and swing. a bitch slap usually results from someone pissing you off at the exact moment when you don't have time to think about a regular slap, so the bitch slap tends to be quicker and it stings more ( it also hurts the ego too!) hence being more painful."

I loved her response so much I had to share.

I hope you've all learned something from Carol today, class.  Now that we have covered the two basic slaps, next on to the Pimp Cane slap followed closely by the Oh, No U Di'int slap. 

 Now we're talkin'.


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  • A bitch slap is executed with a back handed swipe of the outer part of the hand. Like a tennis backhand; knuckle-side first. These are limited to jive ass turkeys, hos that don't listen or return money to their pimps promptly, and red-headed step-children that don't follow instructions. Sounds like your daughter only deserved a regular slap.

  • In reply to Crown:

    Jive ass turkeys...that is too good.

  • I give my girl's backside a regular slap every Tuesday and Thursday.

    I bitch slap my girl's backside every Wednesday and Friday.

    This is how she wants. Her rules, not mine.

  • In reply to gwill:

    gwill..sounds like a slap-happy relationship! Slap on.

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