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He's Bringin' MySpace Back.....Yeah!

  Oh, Justin, you know you can do no wrong in my book.  But, as a mom,  I am worried about you.  It is a big task you are taking on, trying to rescue the drowning social media site, MySpace.  Yes, from the numbers end, it looks impressive.  Paying only $35 million for a site that... Read more »

Debbie Downer

Debbie Downer
  We all know one.  The person who never fails to mention  PETA’s view of the beef industry as you are just about to bite into a juicy burger.  The one who talks about children with fatal illnesses while watching the kids play at the park.  The same one who will take any beautiful moment and crap all over... Read more »

House Arrest? Yes, Please.

House Arrest?  Yes, Please.
I truly believe that people should learn from their mistakes and the punishment should fit the crime. That being said…. I read today that Lindsay Lohan, whom I affectionately call Lindsay No-plan, announced that the house arrest life is the life for her.  She has caught up on her TV shows, movies and even found... Read more »