Novak Djokovic has the game to be the best ever

It was bound to happen. For as well as Mr. Novak Djokovic had played over the course of the first half of the tennis season, nothing was going to stop his eventual arrival to the top of the men’s game. There’s no guarantee he’ll remain there, as you can never count out one Rafael Nadal,... Read more »

French Open Results: Sharapova's Best Chance

Ms. Maria Sharapova must be salivating at the opportunity she has before her at this year’s French Open. The two-time grand slam winner has had her fair share of downs over the last few years due to either injury or the distraction of her burgeoning fame.  But, right now, Maria is playing her best tennis... Read more »

Isner, Serve of Mass Destruction, Fall Short of Major Nadal Upset

Two of the world’s top three ranked players were given almost unjustly difficult draws in the first round of the French Open this year. Roger Federer drew Feliciano Lopez who recently fell out of the top 32 and Rafael Nadal drew the big serving American John Isner, who also fell out of seed contention after a... Read more »
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Osama Bin Laden is Dead and I Am Sad

In light of recent news, I felt it necessary to deviate from tennis and discuss a topic that, as Jimmy Greenfield put it in an e-mail to all ChicagoNow authors, transcends all topics in the world today. I am no political insider: I am not able to predict what Osama Bin Laden’s death will mean... Read more »

Djokovic spectacular so far, but clay's a different animal

As we find ourselves right in the eye of the clay season storm, there’s one question that continues to scale higher and higher up the peak of my interest. Rafael Nadal’s dominance on the surface has been talked, written, groaned and lauded about enough for one year. And because he continues to play so well... Read more »

[Video] Shot of the Week: Nadal has Wheels

There are a few things you need to know about this week’s shot: One is that a protracted rally like this leaves most humans gasping for air by the end, so the idea that Nadal still has the strength to get to the drop volley is pretty mind blowing.  The other thing you need to... Read more »

Monte-Carlo Finals: Lucky Number Seven for Rafa

Analysts often describe players or teams as unbeatable, even when it’s simple hyperbole used to explain how well someone is playing at a certain moment. But for Rafael Nadal at Monte-Carlo, it’d be hard to find a more apt description.  For the seventh consecutive year, Rafa finds himself in the winner’s circle of the Monte-Carlo... Read more »

Monte-Carlo Semifinals Results: Nadal Pushed by Murray, but Spaniard Prevails in Three

It would have been naive to believe that Nadal wasn’t going to turn it back on in the third set and eventually put the match back onto his terms (eventually winning it 6-4, 2-6, 6-1). But for a moment there in the second set of the Monte-Carlo Masters semis, it was Andy Murray who looked... Read more »

Monte-Carlo Quarterfinals Results: Federer Out

The Roger Federer Mystery Tour continued today as, in rather casual fashion, Jurgen Melzer disposed of the world’s No. 3 in straight sets 6-4 6-4 at Monte-Carlo.  The win gives Melzer his first against Federer in four tries and completes the trifecta against the top three players in the world.  “I mean, I have beaten... Read more »

[VIDEO] Shot of the Week: Roger Does it Again

There are a lot of shots Roger Federer has hit in his career that probably made you scratch your head and think, “Explain to me how it is physically possible to do that.” This is one of those shots. My favorite part of the video is the expression of Roger’s opponent after the ball is... Read more »