Anthony Jeselnik tickles Chicago's funny bone

Anthony Jeselnik, with guest Cameron Esposito, brought some uproarious laughter to Chicago last night. Anthony Jeselnik, star of Comedy Centrals "The Jeselnik Offensive", and Cameron Esposito performed in front of a Sold Out crowd at The Vic Theater on November 7th, 2013. There were two shows, an 8pm and a 10:30pm.

Cameron Esposito, Chicago native, started out the show last night as the featured opener. She did a 30 minute set where she talked about a variety of topics including her love of Chicago, her move from Chicago to Los Angeles and the differences between the two, being a lesbian, and religion. Cameron's parents were even in attendance, but that did not seem to censor her at all. She was very funny and kept the crowd engaged. After the show I asked her what is a "must do" for her while she is in Chicago. She said "head to Logan Square and grab a burrito at El Cid, catch a movie at the Logan, and then roll on down Milwaukee to Cole's Bar for a drink".


Anthony Jeselnik came out to thunderous applause to begin his hour long set. Anthony has a unique, almost methodical, style in which he deliverers his jokes, which works very well for him. Anthony tends to do more 'dark' humor/comedy, which he said "most comedians won't do it (on stage), but people, especially comedians, love it". He told stories about how his jokes got some people so upset that they tried to get him fired. When there is a sensitive topic and someone says "what's so funny about that?", he says "Nothing...that's where I come in". Anthony touched on some sensitive topics like the TSA shooting, dead babies, cancer, and even death, but still had the crowd laughing the whole time. He has a gift that people love, but some find controversial. He announced that he just found out his Comedy Central show "The Jeselnik Offensive" was not picked up for a 3rd season. This is a shame since we were really into his show. Anthony also had family in attendance and did not let it effect his performance. He put on a great show that had the crowd laughing the whole time. He even put a couple hecklers in their place. At the end of the show Anthony even took the time to answer some questions from the audience.


This was a good show and we would definitely see either of these comedians again. Hopefully they will be back to Chicago soon.



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