Roller Derby Champion Bonnie Thunders - Think Adoption First (Petco)

From a floating figure skater to a bad-ass roller derby force, Bonnie Thunders has always balanced her athletic powers with heart. Specifically, Bonnie has always had a heart for animals. It was her love for animals that first brought Bonnie to New York. She started a job at the Wildlife Conservation Society.

About six months later, Bonnie started playing roller derby on the side. Now, Bonnie is a seasoned professional roller derby athlete, but she hasn't given up on saving animals.

Bonnie shares her home with cats and "Freddy Thunders", her adopted Boston terrier. Bonnie also makes a difference for cats in her own backyard by managing a population of feral cats. She provides them with food and assists with "trap neuter release" (TNR sterilizes feral cats to ensure they don't continue to breed).

Bonnie's story is a great reminder that we can all find balance in life to do the things we love while still contributing and giving back whenever possible. Especially when it comes to adoptions. "The kindness one does for an animal may not change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal." -Unknown

Follow your dreams. Do Good. "Think Adoption First"

See more about Bonnie here.

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