Looking for Love: The Anti-Cruelty Society Cat & Dog of the Week

Looking for Love: The Anti-Cruelty Society Cat & Dog of the Week

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Jessica Mary

3-year-old shepherd mix

Jessica Mary is a super sweet and loving dog! Over the past several months, she has spent a lot of time in the offices of our behavior experts (so I get to see her throughout the day). Jessica Mary has been in our Real Life room (a place where special animals can get individualized care) because she is the mother of a litter of ten puppies. She was a caring and excellent mother, but now that all ten of her pups have been adopted - it's momma's turn to find a home. Jess loves people and often joins our team in my office for meetings - getting lots of attention and affection for anyone that glances her way. Sometimes she can alarm bark when a new person visits, but she does relax and warm up with encouragement. She can jump up when excited, so her adopters will want to be consistent about not encouraging that behavior (good manners are important for everyone). Jess is looking for a family to call her own - could it be you?

Not only was this sweet lady a great mom, but she also got along well with Guy, the Society's cat ambassador, so a household with a cat could still be a goood fit. Jess even invites Guy to play at times, but he usually is more interested in seeing if someone is having lunch.


6-year-old domestic shorthair

Kat is a gorgeous girl who came to the shelter when her owner was moving and couldn't take her along. This beautiful gal is currently in foster care on what we call a "shelter vacation" to give her a break from her cage. Even though she's not currently on-site, she's still available for adoption. When Kat arrived at the shelter, her beautiful coat was matted and she was given a haircut to make her more comfortable. Kat is a friendly, sweet kitty who enjoys playing with dangly toys! She likes to cuddle sometimes; other times she prefers to be left to ponder important things, like why humans soak themselves with water to get clean - weird! Kat is a great communicator and will always let you know what she wants, and doesn't. Like that 20 minute petting session you had planned? She may not be so keen after 10 and will let you know. Kat does get stressed in unknown places and may need help settling in to her new home. Tuna treats seem to be helpful! We also recommend using Comfort Zone, a pheromone product for cats, to relax her. If you're looking for that special someone to share your life with, schedule a meeting with Kat -- she is a great girl! Interested? Contact our foster team to learn more! foster@anticruelty.org

The Anti-Cruelty Society is located at 510 N LaSalle, Chicago, IL 60654.

Adoption Hours: Mon.-Fri. 12pm - 7pm & Sat.-Sun. 12pm - 5pm

Visit www.anticruelty.org/adoptioninfo/ for adoption information.

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