Spooky the Cat Finds a Home for Halloween!

Spooky the Cat Finds a Home for Halloween!
Photo courtesy: Sam Prus

On October 20 at the Grand Opening of the Everyday Adoption Center in the South Loop PetSmart, I was able to be there for the first adoption of the day and it was my favorite kind of adopter - a "Cat Guy". Men that adopt cats hold a special place in my heart because cats still face very serious overpopulation issues and their plight is compounded by public misconceptions.

The adopted kitty's name was Spooky. She was a 1-year-old short-hair tortie who was surrendered to The Anti-Cruelty Society on July 30 for housing issues faced by her previous owner.

The adopter was Sam Prus of Chicago. I asked Sam some questions and wanted to share his interview in hopes that it would encourage others to open their homes to a cat in need.

Tatiana's Tails: What brought you in to the Grand Opening?

Sam: I have a cat, Munda,  I rescued from The Anti-Cruelty Society a couple of months ago who needed some company.  I was planning on going to your main location at Spooky MundaGrand and LaSalle on Monday, the 21st.  I noticed Spooky on The Anti-Cruelty website and that she was at the EAC and there was going to be a grand opening special at that location, so I thought the timing was perfect.

Tatiana's Tails: Do you think it will be very beneficial to offer adoptions inside a PetSmart?

Sam: Yes.  There are a lot of good cats and dogs that need homes and increasing the places to house them and introduce them to new owners is a great thing!  It's great for new pet owners as they can get pet supplies and tips to help them with their new friend, and great for PetSmart as they get the business to help them support the store and the EAC.

Tatiana's Tails: What made you choose Spooky?

Sam: Besides being a beautiful, playful cat, she was the right age to fit in with my other cat as a companion.  With Halloween around the corner, and her being a orange and black tortoise named Spooky, I thought it was a good sign.  There are so many incredibly good cats and dogs at Anti-Cruelty that I hate to choose.  Besides my two cats, over the years I've adopted two wonderful dogs from Anti-Cruelty.  Walking away with just one is difficult.

Tatiana's Tails: Cats still face staggering overpopulation issues and public misconceptions do not help their plight. As a man adopting a cat, what do you wish the world would know about why cats make great pets?

Sam: It's the closest you can get to owning a monkey without actually owning a monkey.  I grew up with dogs, but can't have dogs in my current apartment so I've had cats for the past 7 years.  They are just as loyal and loving as any dog I've ever had.  They make great companions and have incredible personalities that I didn't expect coming from an all dog background.  I might not be able to go on hikes in the woods with them, but I still get greeted when I get home and they are just as adept at begging for food.  They are incredibly good communicators despite having a vocabulary of one word.

Over the past 34 years I've adopted 2 dogs and 2 cats from The Anti-Cruelty Society and have had nothing but an incredible experience.  I'm thankful for all the hard work The Anti-Cruelty has done over the years to help animals find good homes.

Myths that cats are aloof or are best suited for single women are just plain silly. As Sam noted, cats are very social and make excellent pets - especially for any city dweller whose lifestyle may not allow a dog. Adopt a cat (or two) today!

Read about the South Loop Everyday Adoption Center here.
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