Review: Cats' Spoiled Rotten Box

Review: Cats' Spoiled Rotten Box
Neptune and Ceres

My friends at Pet Flow sent my kitties a Spoiled Rotten box... and they loved it! Okay, yes - they loved the box everything came in - they are cats! But they also liked the goodies and I was happy to let them sample the treats and play with the toys because they were high-quality products.

"What's a Spoiled Rotten box?", you ask. Well, think fruit of the month club, but for your pets. You can sign up for cat or dog options and every month a box of fun for your furry kids arrives. Our box contained three bags of treats, two cans of food, a toy, and a dental cleanse for cats. I like the fact that every edible product in their boxes is made in the USA.

Neptune and Ceres gave their box two paws up!

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