Looking for Love - The Anti-Cruelty Society Cat & Dog of the Week

Looking for Love - The Anti-Cruelty Society Cat & Dog of the Week

Please share - help find these two loving forever homes.

Gypsy (STILL HERE... Since May!)
1-year-old terrier/pit bull mix
Gypsy is a strong, energetic gal. She can pull hard on a leash and tends to leap about when really excited, but she walks better and is more manageable with a body harness (adopters will still need to work on improving her leash manners). Gypsy can be quite social and snuggly with people - she leans into petting and flops down nearby when she's (temporarily) worn herself out. She loves toys and will play enthusiastically with them, either by herself or with people (she likes "keep away" or tug, but can become reckless and needs to learn reliable "take it" and "drop it" cues). Gypsy is a counter surfer, jumping on tables and chairs in search of food or toys. She can be forward and physical with other dogs and can vocalize when she sees them from a distance, which should be addressed as well (dog parks should be avoided). Gypsy is a friendly, workable dog who needs physically capable adopters willing to help fine tune her manners, work her brain, and get her the consistent physical exercise she needs.
Maria ($30 adoption fee, pat of the B&W campaign)Maria

11-year-old domestic shorthair
Maria is a petite and pretty little lady who came to The Anti-Cruelty Society when her owner no longer had time for her. Being an independent little miss, Maria is a calm, gentle and quiet girl who can sometimes start off a bit shy, but will warm up tasty treats and by being softly petted. She has some scarring to her left eye that has left her with a vision impairment, but not to worry, she sees well enough to find you for cuddles. Stop by and say hello to this sweet girl - she will be waiting for you.

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