Windy City Feline Frenzy! June 22 & 23: 4 shelters, 1 goal

Windy City Feline Frenzy! June 22 & 23: 4 shelters, 1 goal

Summer is here! June is national adopt-a-cat month. Shelters across the country see an increase in their feline populations around this time of year. Four shelters in Chicago are working together to get more cats adopted. Thousands of cats are looking for loving forever homes in Chicago. If you’ve been considering adopting a cat, this weekend is the purrfect time!

What is the Windy City Feline Frenzy?

June 22nd and 23rd, visit The Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago Animal Care and Control, Tree House Humane Society, or Felines & Canines during their adoption hours and receive major discounts on adoption fees. Adopters will “scoop” their price out of a litter box (don’t worry – they haven’t been used by kitties). You can have a chance to scoop: $50 adoption fee, $25 adoption fee, waived fee, or a “name your price” option.

Check out this WCIU's You & Me This Morning segment on the Windy City Feline Frenzy!

Whether you live in a Chicago apartment or a house in the suburbs, cats make great companions. They’re sweet, playful, and adorable. Unlike dogs, you don’t need to walk a cat several times each day so they make excellent pets for people with busy or unpredictable schedules. Some have a silly misconception about the “crazy cat lady”, Grant ACS Cat Guybut the truth is that there are lots of cool cat guys out there. Grant Imahara of Discovery Channel's MythBusters shows us that smart men love cats too.

There are several reasons why overpopulation is still a very serious issue with cats. Many areas continue to struggle with feral colonies (cats that people have abandoned and are now living “wild”). There are still folks out there who still haven’t got the message that every responsible pet owner must spay/neuter. The Anti-Cruelty Society performs the procedure for just $20. Use this widget to find a low-cost spay/neuter program near you:

Spread the word about the Windy City Feline Frenzy. Let’s work together to find loving forever homes for lots of kitties this weekend!

Participating Chicago shelter locations: The Anti-Cruelty Society is at 510 N LaSalle. Chicago Animal Care and Control is at 2741 S Western. Tree House Humane Society is at 1212 W Carmen and 1629 N Ashland. Felines & Canines is at 6379 N. Paulina St.

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