Animal Behaviorist, Patricia McConnell, Coming to Chicago

Animal Behaviorist, Patricia McConnell, Coming to Chicago
Patricia with "Guy", The Anti-Cruelty Society Ambassador Cat

Working in animal welfare, I'm blessed to have some pretty amazing pet experts around to offer advice when something goes awry with my fur babies. When the experts themselves get excited about someone - anyone that cares about animals should pay attention. Patricia McConnell is one of those experts that are loved by professionals and she is coming to Chicago next month.

Dr. McConnell is a world-renowned Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist dedicated to improving the bond between humans and their cats and dogs. Join her on Thursday, July 11th at The Anti-Cruelty Society (registration required) in a benevolent, amusing and information-packed evening that will focus on the behavior of the animals at BOTH ends of the leash. Beginning with an explanation of why WE do what we do around dogs, the presentation will continue with a mix of slides and videos that illustrate how we often miscommunicate with our best friends.

If you attend her presentation, you will learn how your body and the tone of your voice can undercut the message you are trying to convey, and how to combine an understanding of canine behavior and learning theory to have a happier and more responsive dog. Most dogs are not disobedient because they want to be alphas; more often they either do not understand what you want, or have learned that doing what you say is not in their best interest. Once the evening is over you'll be able to avoid those pitfalls, and learn the secrets to a much richer understanding of how to talk to your dog.

I hope to see you there, your dog will thank you for it!

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