Featured Cat & Dog of the Week from The Anti-Cruelty Society

Featured Cat & Dog of the Week from The Anti-Cruelty Society


1-year-old pitbull mix

Charlie is a really nice guy, and would be a great match for an active person who would appreciate a dog who is a bit of a goof. Charlie has some previous training, though his manners still could use some polishing. He approaches people with friendly, unbridled enthusiasm and can be quite physical, though he also has a calmer, snuggly side. A home without small children might be the best fit as he learns alternative ways to express his affection. He will benefit from consistent boundaries and guidance, along with ongoing training, as he learns the rules and routines of his new home. A super-fun guy, Charlie will be a great sidekick for life's adventures.


Dotter (Adoption fee waived due to For the Love of Abe Scholarship)

8-year-old domestic shorthair mix

Dotter is a beautiful and mature cat who likes attention-as long as it is on her terms. She purrs during chin scratches and likes to be petted along the sides of her face. Dotter isn't interested in sharing the limelight and needs a home as the only pet.

Dotter has had a rough journey. She originally came into The Anti-Cruelty Society in August 2011 with her sister, Spunky, after their owner did not have enough time for them. Spunky was adopted a couple of months later and Dotter remained here in the shelter. She patiently waited for her perfect match to come along. After spending more than 5 months in our shelter, Dotter finally found her home!

About 4 months went by before Dotter was returned. Her adopter ran into some landlord issues and needed to bring her back.

For 4 more months, Dotter waited patiently in our shelter for her next match to come by. When someone adopted her in January 2013, we were thrilled! Dotter was now able to go into a new home. Unfortunately, two weeks later, Dotter came back once again. There was an altercation between Dotter and her new cat friend in her new home [Go very slowly with cat introductions and call the Society's FREE Behavior Hotline for expert advice]. The cat was not very comfortable with its new roommate, therefore, Dotter was returned.

This poor kitty is back on our adoption floor and really hoping to find a nice, loving FOREVER home where she can spend the rest of her long life.

Stop by to visit this one-of-a-kind feline and see if she is a fit for you!

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