Chicago Resources for Pet Parents in Need

Chicago Resources for Pet Parents in Need

Pets are more than animals; they are family members. The Anti-Cruelty Society wants every pet parent to know that there are resources available to help families. When hardships force a family to make tough decisions, pets are affected by the situation too. Whether the hardships are financial issues or problems caused by troubling pet behavior – surrendering the furry friend isn’t the only option.

Behavior Challenges – Does Fido cry and yowl every time you leave the house? Has Fifi missed the litter box a few times? Just like people, pets experience stress due to moves and life changes. Free help is just a phone call away. The Anti-Cruelty Society offers advice and support for dealing with any problem behavior your cat or dog is experiencing. Call (312) 644-8338 ext. 315 OR ext. 343, or email

Temporary Housing – If you need a short-term home for your pet in an emergency (fire, flood, domestic violence, foreclosure), The Anti-Cruelty Society offers free temporary foster care through the SAFE (Short-term Accommodations For Emergencies) program. For more information, visit or call (312)645-8040.

Food Bank – Low-income pet food pantries are available for families facing financial hardships. Contact each organization as qualifications may apply.

Finding a New Home for Your Pet – If you have exhausted all options and absolutely must surrender your pet, please do the best thing for your devoted animal and make arrangements for him/her. Never abandon your companion animal or turn it loose. Take the time to give your pet a second chance at finding a “forever home”. There are many shelters in Chicago for you to choose from, but many have selective admission processes. The Anti-Cruelty Society offers unlimited stay and is open-admission – meaning that no animal will ever be turned away.

The Anti-Cruelty Society (510 N. LaSalle, Chicago) accepts animals seven days a week 9am until 7pm 365 days a year – no appointment necessary. 312-644-8338

Cats and dogs must be of good health and temperament before they can qualify for adoption. In order to help animals meet these criteria, they are immediately vaccinated, dewormed, spayed/neutered, and provided with a program of social enrichment. The Anti-Cruelty Society recognizes that being surrendered is very stressful on an animal so the Planned Relinquishment Program (PREP) was created to help pets successfully maintain a healthy disposition and find a new home while taking some stress out of the process.

The PREP program is a controlled intake program which allows time for the animal to develop protective immunity from common disease and recover from the stress of surgery, exam, testing and vaccinations. All of these services will be provided in the Society’s clinic AT NO CHARGE in order to give pets the best chance at quickly finding a forever home.

If you have exhausted all options and must surrender your healthy friendly pet and you can devote an extra 2-3 weeks to give your pet the best help you can at finding a new home, you may be a candidate for the Prep program. Please call 312-644-8338 x.381 or email

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