The unquestionable beauty

The unquestionable beauty

We have always said that beauty is a subjective appraisal. To this day, scholars of aesthetics and philosophers have failed to agree on its definition,since,according to them,the beauty is not defined, but recognized,hence the famous quote: "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." By being relative, there is no universal standard,but perhaps we all agree that it is what we find pleasing to the senses.
What is not under discussion is that for each person,social group,race,age,etc., there is a very special and dissimilar way of aesthetic perception.For example,the exuberant bodies of previous decades,the women with giraffe necks,the strange facial piercings of certain tribes in Africa or America,the extremely tiny feet of Chinese women,the heartthrobs’ smug mustaches from the 50's films, etc, etc,are just some cases that prove this thesis.

But all this I’ve mentioned,doesn’t have any other function than smoothing the way to the destination of my lines,which purpose is more radical and critical:the effort to boycott the undeniable beauty claim, action that is sadly exercised mostly by us, females of an always disputing nature,of suspicion and anxiety,before those that,even if it hurts to the bone,are undeniably beautiful,here,in China or Africa without makeup,dressed as circus clowns or with the most frayed and loose stowaway costume.Yes, it weighs a lot, but that's the way it is ... from the tip of their longest eyelash, till what we intend to find as calluses on their feet,the beauty is present.

Let’s suffer less and surrender to our distant opponents,admiring their attributes and accepting our own,far from magnifying our frustration with statements that neither of us believe: "she looks like a slut" - a phrase that merely unhelpful, since unconsciously or consciously, awakens a more wide imagination in the viewing gentleman ... "she is clearly an ignorant" ... hey, she is not admired for the way she solves crosswords ... "she is obviously a climber" ... I rather don’t tell you what I believe the guys to be thinking ... "with so much money, I would do the same surgeries "... statement that does nothing but hurt our own wounds, since besides not being comparable to the mentioned beauty makes us declare ourselves, indigents.
Staying away from these common attitudes sounds easy, but it's not ... I advise as if it was easy to change something that runs naturally through my veins in my womanhood, because as an infallible act, for example,I register as a scanner the one running next to me, in an effort to find the tiniest trace of flab on her thighs - condition that worsens with age - perhaps because with it, more that finding some joy in her misfortune, I find comfort in my condition.

It is natural to rejoice for the usual Photoshop that is applied in the images of magazine models, probably because we feel to mitigate what we cannot achieve with our efforts: diets,crunches,cucumber masks at night,etc, seeking to create a homogeneous group, among celebrities and us, all of perfectible beings, anomalous and earthlings.

I believe that a healthy solution to end this constant and unnecessary misery is to reverse the effect and admire or at least remain silent without seeking useless antidotes against the beauty of the congener, without thinking what we lack in our own. Remember what we like about ourselves and that is in our grasp, that can be improved , and is a good medicine, because the beauty of each is magical: increases or decreases, not only because of the narrowness of our waists or the length of our legs, but by what comes out of our mouths and our attitudes express.

To deny someone’s beauty, only enhances our own weaknesses... Food for thought.

My beautiful readers receive a hug.



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  • The ONLY unmistakable beauty is the beauty of the soul.

    And there is no woman more attractive than an intelligent one.

    Luckily, you have both.

    Un beso!


  • In reply to HectorMedina:

    My dear Hector: you left me speechless ... the problem is that I'll unbearable throughout the weekend and no one will want to stay close with me.
    Thank you !! ... is all I can say.
    Receive my hug.

  • In reply to Mone:

    I meant, stay close TO me... apologies ! Hugs.

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    You nailed it Mone.
    I think we all need to celebrate, be happy and accept our beauty first, so we can see the beauty in others.

    I always enjoy reading your blogs.
    ❤ Rosalinda

  • In reply to Rosalinda:

    Thank you VERY much, my dear and beautiful friend. I am honored.
    I agree as well: if we're happy with ourselves, we can see the rest of the world and its beauty !
    Kisses for you,

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    Very good

  • In reply to Nacho:

    Thanks bro ! Love ya !

  • Beauty is a rather subjective thing, so when physical beauty starts to fade, that's when intelligence, kindness, humor, character and other valuable qualities take over and "trick" the beholder to see the beauty that has always been there. Stay smart! Stay kind! Stay funny! Stay strong! Stay pretty! Cheer my friend!

  • In reply to Carolina Herrera:

    Yes !! Thanks for that !!! ... all you mention means powerful tools to counter and conceal wrinkles, sagging thighs and other ailments ... thanks for this smart observation and above all for the good advice ... I'll take everything, including loving cheers !!
    I hug you tight.

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    Love it, love it, love it.
    Well said!!!!!

  • I notice you like to hug. What do you say to people who would think you are invading their personal space, even virtually?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Then don't feel hugged Aquinas ...some people will never be ready .

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Hello Aquinas... I say nothing, since I've never had the misfortune of knowing those poor people. Have a great evening.

  • Love it .
    Never loose the ability to admire beauty in the simplest things, even more so if it comes in the best package .

    See you in the next fairway.

  • In reply to Titleist:

    Thanks, dear Titleist. I see beauty in every corner of the world (where available) and I thank God to have adequate senses to appreciate it. A hug for you.

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