Life in a Smart Phone

Life in a Smart Phone

While returning from a pleasure trip to Mexico, my cell phone was taken out of  my luggage at the airport... nothing else was missing , except the device, with its corresponding battery charger. The incident was sour, no doubt, but it is not that what it matters this time. What worries me is that I had laughed in silence of the phrase my husband mentioned : "I will die if my phone gets lost...  My life is in there". Although I know that he spoke figuratively, I considered a frankly overstated expression...but...oh, surprise!... the mockery ended with the passing of the hours, the days, crediting the reason for the name "SMART" Phones, with all the pain of my heart, and making me feel at the same time, impaired - worse- outraged, in what I  considered my intelligence.

Eager to let my five followers know which doomed airline is that employs low level people that steal belongings out of luggage - closed with special locks - I tried to write on Twitter, but the password, the damn password was concealed as part of my contacts ... in the cell.  I remember that was 17something ... or 71?... or was something first and then 71? or 17?.. I will hopelessly have to activate a new account.

I tried to forget the topic of social networks and decided to do something remotely related to the recent distaste: checking my bank statement, given the recent consumption of pleasure derived from a trip Ditto. Ready!, name, OK, user, mmm... the usual one, OK... NIP... ooops... nip... According to me is... is the name of my third dog... or was it the current one + no. 12... or 21... or 1221?. First, second and third attempt... and code... what? In addition to the PIN?, OMG! Now, personal questions for codes recovery... Let's see: “¿where did my parents meet?” I don’t remember if I wrote Mexico, Mexico City or Mexico, D.F.... all responses failed,even with Capital letters!.The account was locked and I now need to call the far from friendly customer service which requests that I provide my frequent client code (registered in the cell phone,as usual) ... Jesus! What is it? 6 digits?, my birthday, " ¿ right, Miss?"... my lucky numbers... " neither... are you sure?... " I will call later, thank you." Finally after two hours I was able to fix the problem, going thru the longest possible way.

To put an end to the topic of the today deceased cell phone and continue with my daily life, I went to replace it, but was requested the code to allow me to keep the same number with the new company. I don't want to answer where was it stored, because I will look as a not so Sapiens Homo Sapiens. Of course that day was fully spent in paperwork and I completely forgot the birthday of a great friend of mine, whose date had registered in you-know-where... and a fanfare served as alarm/reminder. I already apologized with him.

The next day in the morning and with a new equipment of cellular communication in my hand, I received at home the call from my audiologist assistant: "you had your appointment at 10: 30 a.m.," added to the notification via email of a $20 USD charge for not having brought my dog to its monthly bath, having wasted the guy’s reserved time and – just as a soft final ending - I forgot to take my homeopathic drops of the 7: 00 a.m.  . What a way to start the day!.

As a light at the end of the tunnel and to compensate for all of this, I deliberately remembered that not only had  I enjoyed a very pleasant vacation in Puerto Vallarta, but that I was able  to take a unique picture of  a beautiful Falcon that was posing before me, majestic... believe me… I can even attach the picture... ah... arrgh... no, no... forget it... I just remembered with what I sadly took the picture.

Now that I went to pick up my new Smart Phone I should have asked ... who belongs to who?

My mid January hug for you all.



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  • So true. I am convinced that Smart phones makes us completely useless. I used to know everyone's phone and birthday by heart and now I can barely remember my husbands'. It's amazing how dependent we've become of technology, but hey...I'll take it. I'd rather have no water than no iPhone. <3 my iPhone...muak, muak...

  • In reply to Carolina Herrera:

    Useless... Right word ! That's how I feel, but as you say, I might not want to change it. My brain needs an assistant and, God willing, is full time hired ! Thanks for your support and comments. U Love your IPhone, I Love my friend Carolina !

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    Well maybe we are living a time where we have so much to think about! that we are leaving free space in our mind and using the "smart" phone as an extension of us. Lets hope if this is the reason that we then use this mind space in better things for life.

  • In reply to Angeles Herreramoro:

    Heeeey ! I LOVE that point of view ! Thanks for that... Then it means that I am quite busy thinking better things than dates, phone numbers, appointments, etc. Good one ! Thanks for writing, my dear !

  • Oh no, Mone! I shudder to think what would happen if I lost my phone.
    FYI - if you have a Mac, iCloud, etc, you can backup/store everything locally for you to restore lost information, even pictures.
    Miss seeing you!

  • In reply to Tara:

    My dear Tara: thanks for your comment and fantastic advice. I will now open my mind to the new ways of keeping files and will take the best of Apple world. Let's run together again ! You say when ;) . Hugs !

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    Amiga,que manera tan amena de contar un hecho tan lamentable como lo fué que te robaran tu reí muchísimo!!! y bueno, seguro que recuperarás toda tu información en poco tiempo, ya lo verás...un abrazo

  • In reply to Dorina Garcia:

    Amiga, de forma recurrente escuchamos que " al mal tiempo, buena cara " y por ello he optado por el camino de la auto-mofa en esta ocasión con este particular hecho, que como sea, quiero hacer trascender, pero es harina de otro costal. Y en cuanto a recuperar, ahí voy, como una recolectora a pie... Paso lento pero seguro.
    Te quiero mucho y gracias por escribirme, me encanta !

  • Enjoyed reading ! Has happened to most of us who have lost the phone at the movies , theatre , etc. Phones should include an automatic back-up feature that sends via a wireless signal every week an update of all the data contained in the device to an external disk storage . That would really increase the mobile's sales thru the roof !

    See you in the next fairway ...

  • In reply to Titleist:

    Hey, my dear Titleist...not a bad idea ! You should work for Apple, letting them know these great and Hitech suggestions. How are you playing now ? Is the weather good enough for walking through a fairway ? I was missing you around here... Don't go so far ;)

  • A good reason to still use a "dumb" phone. Or keep your "smart" phone as "dumb" as possible.
    THE Brain is a muscle, you either exercise it or you loose it.
    And life is only as complicated as you want it to be.

  • In reply to HectorMedina:

    My dear Héctor,
    I can probably give the argument in favor of my brain - which I do like to exercise - that I chose to make use of technology, to store all that is necessary but not all-important , leaving space for the mostly transcendental in life.
    But it is true ... now my Smart Phone is an "assistant" with a data backup and that's it ! I love easy life !
    Another kiss and thanks for writing.

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    I Never ever found such edifying blogs.

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