Something good to say

Something good to say

This last Sunday I received from a dear old friend who I see occasionally for geographic reasons, but with whom I have regular communication by any means, a story that left me, in spite of her always characteristic positivism, astonished and sad, for it was detected in situ cancer in her left breast - fortunately within the hardship of the news - with an excellent time to be treated and eradicated. This past Monday she had the surgery and right now she is at home. We talked last night for half an hour and the good humor, positivism and future plans, were the focus of our conversation.
When we were about to hang up, I reminded her that I love her. I'm not letting myself go by the current situation, but it certainly made me think that I’ve told her that poorly, although I've always felt it. I do not love her for being convalescing (not for a long time) or because I believe that my friend will feel better if I tell her that (however, if that is the case, I am very happy, although she sounded great), I just love her for many things, adding that I will never forget how she lightened my life when I was very young and arrived to live alone in a new city; her immediate availability and friendship made my stay very easy and pleasant for more than a year. She is a very graceful woman, strong and independent, but also sweet, thoughtful, educated, tenacious, positive and very easy going. I hope she is reading me and knows how I see her and how I feel about her (as I'm sure many people do).
My thoughts this week, are straightforward: if you love someone and you say it, I'm glad for it ... but if from time to time (please do not wait out five years) you enhance the communication with those you have close and really appreciate, with some positive adjectives that characterize them (real, not shallow) you can then enjoy the smile of their faces, the sweetness of their voices - if not next to you - or the brilliance of their eyes and...  you know what? in addition, you will encourage the continuity and strengthening of their virtues.
Imagine a sweater that others praise when you use it ... then you want to wear it over in front of different groups of people, right?.
Among our wonderful free will, we can choose what we communicate: we can injure, annoy or make others feeling uncomfortable, but equally, we can encourage, thank, praise and glorify. What we express (verbally or literally) is not only what we want to say, but the picture of what we have within us and that is part of us.
And finally, to say goodbye to you all this week, I invite - those who wish to do so - to the practice of something similar to what the following video shows (opportunely shared by a friend to whom I honestly appreciate the action and who by the way, since I know her, I’ve only heard positive words from her mouth):
Here's my sincere compliment to you all: holy humanity in which still predominates good over evil, I hug you caringly.


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  • You're right: every time I tell my wife how beautiful she looks, I have a delicious dinner served on the table, but if for any reason I tell her that some dress doesn't just look good on her, I know I'll need to take my car keys dining out if I don't wanna sleep with an empty stomach !!! Have a good one !!

  • Hahaha ! Fisheryan: you must always remember that women just like truths that exalt the good in us and not the ones that send us straight to the gym !
    Thanks for the comment :)

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    Amiga, creo saber a quien te refieres en esta historia, pues pienso que la conocí una vez que fuímos a comer juntas, te acuerdas? fuímos a un museo y luego a un restaurant japonés...y si la recuerdo como la describes, muy alegre y optimista...y es fundamental la actitud positiva para poder vencer cualquier obstáculo en la vida...y siempre que podamos ayudar a crear ese estado mental de positivismo con palabras de aliento, con comentarios que nutran al otro, estaremos colaborando en el proceso mismo de sanación, no sólo del cuerpo, si no del alma en todos aquellos que tocan nuestras vidas...un abrazo y excelente blog como siempre...

  • In reply to Dorina Garcia:

    Gracias amiga, por tu comentario y por evocar a la gente linda, como tú. La "nutrición verbal " (término que me viene a la mente gracias a ti) es indispensable, pues lo que emane de nuestras bocas refleja lo que somos y traemos dentro, sin duda, además de propiciar un efecto en el receptor.
    Ves ? Por eso seguimos en el mismo camino, después de 2 décadas....te quiero mucho !

  • Hola que Tal
    Por supuesto que comparto cada palabra que mencionas y esperamos de corazón que todo este bien, muy buena reflexión
    Saludos 2

  • In reply to Lalo:

    Todo va a estar bien. Ambos lo sabemos porque la conocemos y su sed de vivir y entusiasmo, son su cura, indudablemente.
    Gracias por hacerte presente !! :) .

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