APAPACHO : Duty-free product

APAPACHO : Duty-free product

Thirteen days have gone by since I came on vacations to my land of birth : Mexico. Every time I'm here, my senses seem to be intensified. The colors, shapes, flavors, textures, sounds, everything, absolutely everything, takes on a different dimension that surrounds and shakes me and for some reason - probably living away from my paradise home - it makes me being more perceptive than ever. I suddenly feel like I was inside a kaleidoscope   ...   and I like it; until today I can deeply realize it.

This is when, consciously or unconsciously, I begin to sketch various projects in my mind, that involve the "transfer" of a piece of what we all -foreign and domestic-experience by stepping on Aztec land. I restudy , as if trying to discover the hot water, the wonders that our fertile nation produces: the art (painting, sculpture, literature, crafts, jewelry, etc.), the textiles, the exquisite food,  our wonderful beaches and exceptional sunsets, our enviable climate and picturesque towns,  to find, among all, that additional something that can be shared with those who cannot or don't want to come, this  magic "elixir" that captivates, that falls in love and that makes Mexico to feel it like home, hopelessly and in spite of everything.

After visiting some members of my family and friends, I found it: it is something that can be easily exported and has no duty whatsoever, does not require special packaging and can be directly produced in each country, although its conjugated letters will always be Mexican : the APAPACHO ... as it is, literally, with its eight characters, its lovely phonetic and deep meaning.

Although there are similar meanings in any language translation, APAPACHO has not any synonymous. It is a word commonly used in Mexico (also known in Honduras), accepted and recognized by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language. While it can be described as the act of petting, pampering, giving affection, this sweet word of Nahuatl origin, in addition to being chosen as the most beautiful word of Castilian in the School of Writers for its cadence and intonation, is unique in its form and substance; it has extraordinary properties and does not distinguish age or gender, religion or beliefs. The APAPACHO creates a wonderful and irreplaceable feeling. From its pure oral mention there's an immediate inexplicable benefit, which is experienced in a magical way. Although physical contact is  a substantial ingredient of APAPACHO, this is so wonderful that can be achieved even through a phone call, a letter, a look. APAPACHAR is a set of actions in which affection is involved, motivated by a thirst for closeness.

Assuming that I get the permission of my dear fellow country men, I offer, free of charge and without requiring any designation of origin, our special and magical product, highly recommended for everyone since childhood: the APAPACHO, which is the mime that almost all known and practiced worldwide, but with the difference  of being, in our case, applicable across all ages and genders, friends, brothers and colleagues, relatives and neighbors and even, between doctors and patients; it is implemented without any specific reason and is practiced constantly, ignoring the fears, social prejudices and misunderstandings.

So, brothers of other nations: here it is, with all of its letters, for you, with love from Mexico: APAPACHO. Do not pay any duties... is free.

Happy Holidays !




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  • So true. Nothing like a good hug to make all troubles go away... Del nahuatl "papatzoa", "dar cariño", "abrazar o acariciar con el alma". ¡Más que un simple abrazo! Cuando regreses prometo darte muchos "papatzos" para que no extrañes tanto...

  • My friend, now from MY account ( I'm in my mom's computer with her account...): THANKS for your message. It seems that Maverick answered for me ( Nazi C. identity ).
    Apapachos again !!!

  • In my country physical contact showing affection between people is a regular and ancient custom, so I don't believe that only happens in Mexico

  • Thanks for your comment. You are quite right and I have never denied that there is an obvious and necessary positive human contact in the whole world ... it's just that the concept APAPACHO is unique (100% Mexican) because it embraces in one word, what in other countries would be defined in several ones. Happy Holidays !

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