Until Facebook do us apart

Until Facebook do us apart

Five years ago, a new friend who stunned me with his charisma came into my life. I could initially describe him as enigmatic, creative, witty, modern, original and very knowledgeable. With a seductive nature and indescribable charm, this character of whose existence few want to deprive, provides an infallible sense of belonging and suggests that those who have refused or omitted him, are simply, social misfits.
Today I confess that, after all these years of  getting to know him better, I start to feel uncomfortable with his increasingly overwhelming presence. I remember that I used to miss him and looked for him in order to feel better, maximum two or three times a week. Today, he has become part of my daily life and it seems that he now knows my friends more than I do: he is aware of their lives at all times and has been witness of many special events that I even missed.
I think that deep down I'm a little jealous and even upset: today he is starring at almost all our events, he rides in the car, and has even taken away a couple of books to monopolize my attention. If I go to dinner alone with my friends, the intruder is always there, capturing their attention on their cell phones, running into our conversations, stealing quotes or adages and even our original sentences to exhibit them in public, leaving away those good times of "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas "... that no longer exists and I miss.
I appreciate his timely participation, but I think it is time to re-set the limits. I want him close to me, but not IN me. I choose to return him to the order of priority in which he was and never before the ones I care about. He is a means, not an end and I want him to remain that way: to get me closer to the ones that are far away but not away from those that are already close to me. I want to keep telling my stupid jokes in the only way I know: performing and not necessarily sharing them with him to transmit something that needs to be seen and never judged whether or not I received any LIKE.
It is not his fault for being so attractive and useful, so effective and edgy. I do not judge him, indeed, I admire him for revolutionizing the world and gathering 900 million people; it's just that I prefer to return to the days when I considered him only a resource to get me closer to others and not the rector of my life and my mind. Even now I need him, paradoxically, to spread my message, but aware of the limits since I do not want that the day comes that you - my loved one - and I continue our great relationship, walking together for better or for worse, in riches or rags, in sickness or health, until FACEBOOK do us apart.


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  • ¡Ay cómo lo gocé! ¡Lo gocé! Pero siento decirte amiga, que para escribir este comentario, tuve que hacer uso del susodicho. Pude haberlo hecho de otra manera, pero es que siempre está ahí, al acecho y es tan práctico. Perdóname si a veces, cuando estamos conversando, le doy una ojeadita al compañero, pero es que es TAN atractivo! Yo creo que es Argentino. Tienes razón. Hay que dejar de hacerle tanto caso. Temo que el próximo paso es Facebook Anónimos... ¡Me encantó!

  • In reply to Carolina Herrera:

    Conozco muy bien esa vulnerabilidad porque YO la experimento cada día ... FB es un imán que está tan al alcance de nuestras manos, que es difícil "resistirse" a sus encantos... y no, no te disculpes por las ojeaditas porque igual disfruto tu presencia con el IPhone en mano... le recrimino a él por metiche, nunca a los que quiero, por caer en sus redes... pero si de algo sirve, tal vez podríamos ponerlo en "time out" mientras tomamos el postre ! ;).

  • fb_avatar

    Funny way to describe it...
    Facebook is a mean, a tool, a vehicle, (a fantastic one by the way) and it will go as far as you want to; if you want to be distant from it, want your full privacy back, your friends to be as they used to be, just step away from it. To me, FACEBOOK is not IN you, it is ON you as much as you allow it to be...

  • In reply to Nacho:

    That's my point Nacho... I started to put FB in my top ten of priorities... and no more, I decide. Good for you that you've been cautious by not allowing it to be an important part of your life and mind... probably it wasn't my case. Thanks for sharing your point of view !

  • That's why I use FB as little as possible.
    And it is also why this comment is left directly at the Chicago Now site, NOT on FB.
    To ME, FB is a sad evidence of how twisted our society is.

    Welcome back to reality.



  • In reply to HectorMedina:

    I know, dear Héctor, I know you.
    I think that it is a matter of simple discernment, it is only about using IT and not the opposite.
    I feel great in reality again ! ;). Thanks for being here !

  • fb_avatar

    Lo quiero odiar pero lo amo, ¿o será que no puedo vivir sin él? Definitivamente Facebook es un tipo de esos guapérrimos modelos europeos que luego me encuentro en el metro parisino vistiendo ropa de diseñador, o uno de los famosos bomberos de París que parecen haber sido escogidos uno por uno por su guapura...

    Gran analogía Mone, gran trabajo. Gracias por tu "food for thought" semanal.

  • In reply to Viviana Alvarez:

    Jaja... muy buenos ejemplos Viv. Creo que tendré que ir a París a visitarte y provocar un incendio.
    Como sea, te aseguro que FB fue elegido por su chismosura, más que por su guapura... pero de que atrae, atrae.
    Gracias a ti por tu comentario Viv. Besos hasta la tierra de los modelos en el metro ;).

  • Wow, how true. One of the scariest parts is that, even when you attempt to reign-in that privacy a bit, Facebook transforms itself (usually in secret), and we are left to inform each-other what's being seen.

  • In reply to Dan Bradley:

    You are so right Dan ... at the end is like a devil's advocate: knows it all, sees it all and pushes us to talk not of very transcendent things, but of the same content. What a strange entity.
    Thanks for your comment!

  • I use FB a lot on the weekends, but over the rest of the week I tend to keep my distance. Coming from a large family that is spread out all over the country, FB has been a blessing as it has brought my family closer together in many respects.

    Once every few years I take my family (wife & kids) out east camping with my family (parents, siblings, and siblings families)in the Adirondack Mountains near where I grew up. The place where we camp has no real cell phone service, it's almost like cutting the umbilical cord of civilization (including facebook). I love it though, as it feels so liberating to be cut off from the world... even if just for a few days.

  • In reply to Perplexio:

    Dear Perplexio:
    I believe that the way you use FB is precisely the ideal ... FB is YOUR tool to be closer to those that are far, and why not ? also an entertainment one ... but you are in control, since you are not replacing it for those you love. It must be so ... is the means, not the end! Thanks for sharing your great thoughts !

  • Thanks for putting this out there! How did everyone get so Facebook obsessed? Remember the days before FB (and twitter, and instagram)? Can we EVER go back?

  • In reply to Josha Krueger:

    Oh, Josha... I wonder the same thing and though I do not have the answer, I have the hope. I like the closeness, the back to basics and having more time to observe the environment rather than a screen!
    Thanks Josha. Somehow, I'm glad you also feel nostalgic :).

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