Elections with literacy

Elections with literacy

Yesterday was election day in this country, which has hosted me for over a year and in which I am a resident with a working visa,      not a citizen; that is why I cannot vote ... And to be honest, I'm happy for now about it, since even though I could have done it, I am an absolute newcomer in American politics and I faithfully believe that to bring an action as important as voting, it is essential to remember that vote is not only a RIGHT, but also a RESPONSIBILITY. It would be offensive to those who were born here or have spent years living in this country, that a person without knowledge of government, U.S. history and personal experiences in scenarios led by Democrats and Republicans, cross out a ballot, based on his "feeling" , on his affinity with the candidate's look, on his immediate personal interests      (in Mexico we call it "bone") or on what he has heard or seen superficially through the mass media or heard thru the neighbors. That wouldn’t be fair.

From what I saw all day, voting yesterday was mostly exercised in a responsible and conscious way. Congratulations for that and for the millions of winners who voted for their elected president. Congratulations to all, at last, because I'm sure that this boat will continue its good progress.
This inevitably took me to think back in my country, Mexico ... and it still hurts me: I believe that electoral illiteracy prevails (ignorance of the arguments for voting), becoming the vehicle that takes us through the road of stagnation or even receding. I make a space for this review, only as a catharsis (I need it regularly, since I still cannot overcome it) and taking as an argument what is now happening around me in this country I live in, but I rather return to congratulate the citizens of the United States, for having a civilized and well analyzed process (although surely many do not think so).
I wish that the voters in favor, the voters against and the ones who could not vote or shouldn’t, we all, finally, have four years of imminent prosperity.


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  • Yesterday Jorge Ramos tweeted "long lines to vote in Florida". My response to that was: Yes, but their vote will count and will possibly make a difference. The electoral process in this country is amazing and something all Americans should be proud of. Advanced citizenship at its best. I hope one day we achieve that in Mexico, with all my heart.

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    Now that I have witnessed as a mere observer, what you mention is true: the electoral process in the United States deserves an applause... and your wishes regarding Mexico, believe me, are deeply shared.I pray to be alive when changes happen.

  • Great timely post, Mone! As a person who earned her citizenship (came to the U.S with a work visa, got my green card and then eventually the citizenship), I take voting extremely seriously! As much as this campaign has been hard and dirty, I think it is much better than the process back in India. You dream of a better Mexico and I dream of a better India. Hopefully, we can see that happen in our lifetime

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    Thanks Tara, for sharing your appreciation. I hope we can soon talk more about the campaign ... I would like to understand it thoroughly. About India and Mexico, as well as a number of countries that are still electorally "sick", I hope that the final medicine comes soon. Hugs for you!

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    Inminent prosperity... Good one!!

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    Thanks Nacho... just a wish, since I live in USA. ;)

  • The elections were literate.
    The campaign was not.
    Luckily, the winner finally opened the REAL agenda for the next 4 years and luckily, it is the RIGHT (IMHO) agenda for this country:
    Tax reform
    Deficit reduction
    Immigration Reform
    All pressing matters that were judged too rough for the US Citizens to stomach as a campaign agenda.
    And there are others that also are rough and coming:
    Climate change
    Recreational Drugs Decriminalization
    Re-conceptualization of the "family" nucleus
    all things that WILL come in our lifetime.
    Good blog!

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    Thanks Hector, for giving me a bigger picture and sharing the real agenda ... I think that the citizenship must have it always present and demand that these bullet points become fully implemented.
    Those "pressing matters" must be very interesting... the rough ones... ufff... as I see, they urgently need solutions (the world knows that). Wow... now you leave me restless and wanting to know more. I promise to read about it. Thank you!

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    Thank you Ryan, for reading me and for your comment. Have a great December !!

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