The plea of the fingers

The plea of the fingers

Our beloved YOU,

We hope that this letter will reach you, since the numbness we have recently experienced, hasn't been enough to get your attention.

We are about to go on strike and stop completely if you do not act immediately. You need to know that we are losing sensitivity and we        have begun to grow old, to become malnourished.

Our skin urgently demands your wife's hair rubbing, it needs your mouth saliva combined with the roughness of the page from the book you were reading several months ago and was suddenly abandoned. We are pale because we do not touch the garden plants anymore and we miss being immersed in the potting soil. It is essential to squeeze, at least 7 times a day, as we did before, the soft and irreplaceable cheeks of your son and   we crave our therapy on Friday nights: the pleasure of dancing with the    keys of your piano.

Let us feel again the ruffled head of your dog and imprison the pen with which you wrote loving messages to your family. Give us back the joy of Saturdays to cling to your old man's arms and being stretched with the roundness of the red ball you used to play  with.

Do not get lost, do not go, do not dive into an alternate world in which the senses are ignored. Save yourself and save us from immobility. We want   to live more than survive.

We've been created for many things, do not limit us anymore!. We promise to live in harmony with your phone keyboards and the screens of your iPad and similar devices as long as they absorb less than half of your days and nights.

Today the ten of us join in prayer, wishing that you turn around and see us, giving back to us what we always had: the delicious sense of touch with textures.

Thank you.

The fingers of your hand


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  • True dat! My carpal tunnel is already screaming!

  • You can always exercise playing cards with your friends, or pampering Chester ... And Ty ! Hugs , kisses and Thanks for your comment ;)

  • Fingers , oh fingers ...let them bring the emotion of holding your newborn son , the pleasure of caressing your wife's body or holing in a long putt .
    Everything else is simply free of charge !

    See you in the next fairway .

  • In reply to Titleist:

    Golfers, oh golfers... continue enjoying the bliss of the putter but go home earlier, so you all can have enough time to be delighted for the other importante things ;).
    See you, if not in the next fairway, hopefully in the next blog !
    Thanks Titleist !!

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