Post Marathon

Post Marathon

Post Marathon

I have pain in parts of my body that I never knew existed. Today at least, I walk as a normal person. It's been three days. I slept, ate and received the most rewarding messages from my family and friends. I have a flashback of those 4 hours and 57 minutes:

Before crossing the start line, I beg God to run with me. I am shaking...

Miles 1-5: indescribable emotion ... thousands of people are cheering us ... wow !. I would like to hug them all. I read creative, funny, motivational signs. I have a lot of energy, but also cold.

Miles 6-9: I feel great but it’s just uncomfortable not being able to dispense accessories for the low temperature that I believed was temporary. My hands hurt and the air enters through my neck. A little sun rises; and people ... how beautiful the people are.

Miles 10-15: new neighborhoods appear in front of me. I'm a little tired. I touch a lot of palms (especially from children) and hear my name (printed on my shirt). I feel encouraged  ... I keep going!

Miles 16-20: I can feel the pavement thru the soles of my feet. I am running in the center of the street, although I miss the cheers of the people. I stay silent to avoid spending energy; I am starting to get tired.

Miles 21-23: I'm exhausted. I want to continue at the same pace, but it doesn’t happen; everything seems eternal. How long? God, help me ... how hard is this.

Miles 24 and 25: ¿What if I throw overboard this? ¿What if I walk? I cannot see the finish line. People are amazing, they’re still here, but I want to mourn. I jog. I'm angry, I'm nostalgic and I’m desperate. I see my watch and I want to achieve my goal. I run again.

Mile 26: ¿ Am I really here? I can’t hold back the tears. I lift my face to the sky and shout "THANK YOU". The body aches as never, but the soul comforts it, as always.

Finish line (Mile 26.2): I laugh out loud, as if I just heard a great joke. I stop and I can’t believe it. I made it… but I promise myself not to run a marathon again.

Right now, at home, I'm checking on the Internet when registrations open for the next one.

Today I understand the addicts.


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  • fb_avatar

    Great effort, hopefully great reward.

    "Today I understand addicts"... Fantastic!!!

  • In reply to Nacho:

    Thanks Nacho ! It was, indeed. But my best rewards are my family and friends... And their support in every sense ;) !!

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    Admiro tu tenacidad y me encanto tu recorrido de emociones. Un abrazo

  • In reply to Gabriela Lopez:

    Gracias Gaby, por tus lindas palabras. Espero verte pronto y poder sentarme a escuchar cómo estás ! Besos !!

  • fb_avatar

    Quiero ser como tú!!!! jajaja q padre yo apenas corro 5 km y espero algun día hacer un maratón, gracias x compartirlo. besos y abrazos

  • Liss, te mando muchos besos y AGRADEZCO enormemente que me escribas... No sabes cuánto significa para mí !! Y sé que si intentaras correr un maratón ( o hacer cualquier cosa que te guste por difícil que parezca ), lo lograrías !!

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