Omission is Aggression

Omission is Aggression

In recent days, thanks to some nourishing talks of forgiveness and emotions that I'm attending with a nice group of friends and countrymen, a concept that I used to take lightly has been haunting me: the indifference. When we think in violence, we immediately relate it with hitting, with hurtful words, with psychology that hurts ... rarely do we notice that indifference is an outstanding, quiet and very active participant in the crime. Ignoring someone is annihilating him, nullifying his existence.

When we are indifferent with another (person or animal), we are absolutely insensitive, void of any affection and compassion, besides injuring the other and perhaps – watch out - leaving an indelible mark on him ... and the news is that also in ourselves, since our inner growth is also paralyzed. We block the way to a gift of which we are provided: our sensitivity.

With this thought, I'm not urging to go to unnecessary extremes, such as standing up in the middle of the street and shouting "good morning" to everyone ... I only extend an invitation to think for a moment, in that or those who have been unnoticed for us and who at our single glance, a smile on our faces or a "hello", would provide a tremendous joy, a positive impact on them. In conclusion, I personally believe that this mode of violence, the indifference, is also present when we witness some cruel and unfair act and we stay inert, in the role of spectators or we pass (this, of course, while not putting ourselves at risk when trying to stop it). In the path of personal development, it is necessary to remove the mask of these silent and violent attitudes, which are often simply erroneous defense mechanisms, in order to extend our spiritual potential, avoiding or suppressing the process of evolution as human beings.

From here I smile at everyone, paying more attention to everything that went unnoticed before.


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    siempre es un placer leer tus blogs prima. te mando un millón de besos y abrazos

  • In reply to Luiz Cid:

    Y más placer, querido primo, es saberse apoyado por la familia. Todo el cariño va de regreso, con intereses !!! Gracias :)

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    I love your writting...I am hooked. Thank you !!!

  • In reply to Merri Burrows:

    I am the grateful one, Merri !. I hope to keep your interest. Have a wonderful day !!

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    Amiga me encantó...y lo mejor de todo es que te imagino perfecto parada a media calle diciéndole buenos días a todos!!! ja ja ja...así eres tu amiga, nunca olvidaré el día en que saludaste como si nada a Nino Canún je je je...te mando un abrazote

  • In reply to Dorina Garcia:

    Mi amiga, siempre apoyadora y positiva... muchas gracias ! Vaya recuerdos, pero creo que ni el pasar del tiempo nos hacen cambiar algunas, mmm, digamos, características ! ;) Besos !

  • Mone,
    Such wonderful insight into omission. You bring light onto the power of omission which manifests itself at various levels. Also, something as simple as a smile to acknowledge another can be all it takes to counteract omission. Well done Mone! A privilege to know you and your writing.

  • In reply to Leitha:

    Leitha, I am honored by your words and by the time you've taken to read me. Thank you! great motivation. A kiss!

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    Muchas felicidades!!!!Es maravilloso leerte!!!!Gracias por compartirnos estas reflexiones.

  • In reply to Maricruz Grimaldo:

    Gracias con el corazón Nenu... significa mucho que me escribas ! Et vull i et estrany molt !!

  • I loved you blog .
    Looking forward to the next one .

    See you in the fairways !

  • In reply to Titleist:

    Thank you, Titleist ! I feel honored. See you in the fairways, or in the running track, you never know !

  • Hola que Tal
    Aquí presente y disfrutando desde tu óptica todas las vivencias y realidades que muchas veces las vemos como cotidianas, pero siempre podemos darnos cuenta y mejorar para ser mejores personas en este mundo

  • In reply to Lalo:

    Gracias a ti, siempre.
    Extraño recibir noticias más seguido. Te abrazo fuerte y espero seguirte teniendo como lector. Vaya honor !!

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    Great blog and reflexion on indifference! Thanks for sharing! Glad I can read you now :)

  • In reply to Olga Pirogova:

    Thank you very much... this comment and the author of it, mean SO much to me. Hugs and kisses !!!

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    Fan de tus palabras que siempre llegan en momentos muy adecuados.
    Te mando besos Primaaa!

  • In reply to Tania De La Cruz:

    Primita linda, TanTan... muchísimas gracias por este apoyo. Muchos besos !!

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    Que lindo escribes Mone ! Con estás ideas, me pones a reflexionar, hay conductas de las cuales, no nos damos cuenta... y como comentas, tal vez nuestro proceder deje alguna marca en alguien y ni nos percatemos , sin embargo, hay una peor, no tener la apertura para evolucionar como buenos seres humanos! Te mando abrazos!!

  • Y yo te mando BESOS !! Gracias por leerme y compartirme lo que tú piensas y sietes a este respecto... Eso me alimenta mucho. Qué honor tenerte de lectora. Espero abrazarte pronto.

  • Shan, muchas gracias por leerme ! TQM !!!

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