Nationality: Runner

It is said that intelligence lies in the adaptation to the environment ... and it was under this premise that I decided when I came to live in this country, specifically in Chicago - to start looking how to adapt as soon as possible, so I chose to enroll in one of the iconic events of this beautiful city: the Marathon. To achieve this, I joined a group of runners whose training program began in mid-June and with whom I leave early every Saturday for what we call the long runs.

Although my priority was to face a long distance challenge, within the list of those that I designed for my life before becoming forty (two years from now ), I was also envisioned finding friends and people with whom I could have a common goal. Yes, much of this happened, but in a different way: we do not talk in depth, do not drink coffee, do not get together or go to the movies, nor dine as a group at someone's house ... no ... nothing like that. We run, we sweat together. I would say that we are fellows of a country that is not on the map and does not require a passport: we are, simply, runners.

RUNNING, as I perceive it, is a nation that is located in the five continents. It has millions of inhabitants and has all the temperatures and existing climates: cold, heat, humidity, rain, snow, wind. Its soil type is extremely versatile: sand, earth, gravel, mud, weeds. This is a peculiar republic with two flags, the START and the FINISH one, both respected. Its currency is the mile or the kilometer and its language, the exhalation. Every inhabitant of this nation reveres it in a very personal way and never judges how the other does it. There is a hymn ... and each of us sings it, innermost, in silence, with our own lyrics, but same music, the one of hope, of crossing the finish line, no matter how close or far it is.

Today I run with love for my country and then I feel how, between 7, 80 or 45 thousand people, we all form a unique, single nationality: We are Runners.

Long live to RUNNING!


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  • Hi Mone ! Just read your blog and felt identified . I'm a runner also and I found in your words what I feel. It's a unit, a brotherhood, and yes, it's a country. Congratulations and good luck in your Marathon !!.

  • In reply to stepmond:

    Thank you , Stephanie. Good to have you as a reader and to know you feel identified with the content of the blog. Have a great last quarter of the year and keep running !!

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