Male chip drops

Male chip drops

I have 38 years searching for certain drops which active ingredient is called " male chip " carefully made to fix  the following ailments: "instant problem solving", "perception and management of friendship" and " stress and apprehensions control ". If anyone knows about their existence, I would much appreciate to inform where can I buy them, because I'm sure with this, more than a half of the complications of everyday life, would cease to exist. I also know they would have a great success among my female peers and would sell as pan cakes.

It is said that with these wonderful drops, one could eradicate the symptoms of the very common condition of drowning in a glass of water or that it wouldn’t be so important if my friend greets me differently today than yesterday, since all that I would remember would be the substance (her friendship) , nor the form (her voice tone). They also say that with this ingredient I'd be able to make my true friends last forever, without quarreling with them for minutiae and that little or nothing would hurt if they forget my birthday or ignore my new shoes. It is even rumored that male chip drops generate an effect of freedom, of not relying on the compliments from others to be happy. Its side effects, according to interesting texts, consist in feeling genuine happiness for the welfare, the success and the beauty of others, without seeking any argument trying to convince you otherwise. In the same way, drops generate a stability enough to have a balanced perspective, where things are not exacerbate or lead to the end; they remove fervent desires to communicate indiscretions to others, compensating with signs of reserve and prudence.

Like almost everything, this drug should be consumed in extreme moderation and restraint to avoid any possible affection to the blessed female virtues (intuition, sensitivity, responsibility, protection, strength, etc) but helping them with a touch of harmony.

And while I find the drops ... ¿ should I take a placebo?

Food for thought … to myself.


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  • I think it's easier to find the fountain of youth. Ha! Good luck! :)

  • In reply to Carolina Herrera:

    Even for the placebo ? A few glasses of red wine, at least ? Ha ! Thanks, dear Carola !!!

  • fb_avatar

    Very funny approach... Very true!

  • In reply to Nacho:

    Thanks Nacho ! of course.. A guy talking !!!

  • fb_avatar

    Jajaja esta muy bueno... Sólo q eso nos haría ser perfectas y no creo q el género masculino por más light q sea lo tolerarán...

  • No, es verdad, no lo tolerarían !!! pero bueno, de vez en vez, un poco de menos " pancherismo " nos vendría bien, no crees ?? :)

  • fb_avatar

    Mi querida amiga.. Eso nos haría ser perfectas! Crees q ellos lo aguantarían?

  • Creo que no, amiga querida... Ya sería mucho paquete para ellos. Qué hacer con tanta belleza, perfección y modestia en un mismo frasquito ??? Te mando mi cariño enorme !!!

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