Meet the Taste Buds


Noah, the son of a barbeque aficionado and restaurant industry veteran, was groomed early on to appreciate the subtle nuances of smoked meat; spicy barbeque sauce led quickly to spicy tuna rolls. An eight year old Mets fan, Noah picks Chinese and Japanese foods as his favorites, but seems to hold a very special place for sushi. But not Greek food; aside from gyros, Noah hasn’t found anything too appealing in a Greek restaurant, although he’s willing to keep trying. And while he loves a good steak, he dislikes “overcooked steaks, unless they have a lot of ketchup”. It comes as no surprise that L’Woods, the Lincolnwood steak house, tops his best restaurant list, only one place above Seven Seas, the Albany Park Chinese favorite.


When she was two she was offered a piece of cheese. Kate stared at the just unwrapped slice of American cheese, turned it over, took a nibble and said, “No thank you”. She deemed this plastic cheese and swore it off forever. At seven she remains true to her word,” plastic cheese” is on her very short list of dislikes. She will try anything once but after several attempts has yet to find a favorite Indian dish. Kate, like Noah, puts Asian food at the top of her list, specifically sushi and Thai. She loves sitting at the sushi bar at Green Tea, and similarly, at the counter at the Pasta Bowl, because she likes to watch them cook. She loves Vietnamese Pho in the winter and turkey sandwiches, on a picnic, in the summer. The best turkey sandwich around? Chicago Bagel Authority.


Mary does not hesitate, her favorite food is gnocchi and she is quickly becoming an authority on best options in the city. Bachanalia  is very good, as are Mario’s, Fornello and the Pasta Bowl, which makes the list because the people that make the food talk to her. And they know never to put mushrooms on her gnocchi, she doesn’t like them. Thankfully she rarely finds mushrooms in her sushi, number two on her list, which she prefers at Oh Fusion, just down the street from Wrigley (also on her favorite places list, but hopefully not for the food). She loves spanikopita but, as she is seven, will order a grilled cheese sandwich when offered the opportunity, “with cheddar and tomato please”. Tops for that, Frances.