The Elephant Thai

Chicago is overrun with Thai restaurants. Our neighborhood sacrificed its best Chinese restaurant to Thai several years ago, a venture that did not last, taking away a wonderful neighborhood Chinese spot (with fast and hot delivery) to replace it with a flashy mediocre Thai restaurant.

Elephant Thai on Devon is not that restaurant. It's a Thai place that's been around for years, not one that jumped in when sweet noodles with peanuts became all the rage. Noah and family stopped in last week.

Noah, our meat lover, had beef pad thai which he really enjoyed.  His mother agreed; her chicken pad thai with light and clean flavors was a departure from the sometimes sickeningly sweet and goopy pad thai that is all too common. Noah's dad, also a beef guy, had garlic beef noodles and his younger sister, who is working on her Taste Bud skills, rice noodles with broccoli.

Everyone shared the lemongrass and coconut milk Thai soup which was delicious until Noah bit into a piece of fibrous ginger, decided it was a fish bone, and called a halt to his soup eating. Pity, lemongrass and coconut milk soup, when done well,  is just too good to toss by fault of fibrous ginger.

The Thai Elephant
5348 W. Devon
Chicago, IL 60646


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