New England Seafood Company

The stretch of Lincoln Avenue, just north of Belmont, looks nothing like the Maine coast. Comparatively it is quite unattractive; the coffee shops, bakeries and nail salons a far cry from the blue water, towering pines and rocky coastline found near Cape Elizabeth.  However, if it's a lobster roll and chowder you're looking for, Lincoln Avenue might be just the place for you, and your children.

The New England Seafood Company, which opened last year, is part seafood market,  part seafood shack. It's a casual dinner, carried to the table on plastic trays, or a good spot to pick up something to take home for the grill. Opting out of cooking, we ordered two children's fish and chips and a one pound lobster boil, for the four of us, which was more than enough food. The lobster comes with delicious chowder (a meal itself), corn on the cob and boiled potatoes.

Evidence that we enjoyed the meal was in the incredible mess we created while eating. The girls devoured the chowder while their father worked at dismantling the poor lobster, an act which horrified me as a child, but one my children find oddly intriguing. They scrambled for bits of the freed crustacean meat, passing on their very sweet fried fish once the lobster appeared.

What it lacks in shoreline, it more than makes up for in flavor, and in the four cool lobster bibs accompanying our meal, especially if you are seven.

The New England Seafood Company
3341 N. Lincoln
Chicago, IL 60657

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