School Night Sushi

Mary and Kate have been eating sushi since they were old enough to hold Cheerios, almost. We found early on that the bite size pieces were fun and easy to pick up, finger food that actually was, not something we would have preferred to see moved with a fork. Hold the wasabi, wrap up that avocado and sweet potato and you have sushi for the very young. At seven they have added shrimp tempura rolls, Philadelphia rolls, California rolls and super white sashimi to their repertoire, although some of the old rules still apply, no one has yet developed a taste for wasabi.

Oh Fusion, on Sheridan just south of Irving Park, offers a perfect on the way home dinner option, half price regular rolls from 4:00 to 6:00.

The girls order three rolls; tonight they chose avocado, sweet potato and Philadelphia, and ask that they cut them into small sizes (meaning 10 pieces rather than the usual 6 or 8).  This with one order of edamame is a perfect dinner, and at half price time, very easy to swing on a Thursday night.

The very nice people at Oh Fusion have been serving them sushi for years and are more than willing to accommodate their bite size needs, although I tend to think that they might be just as kind to your children.

Oh Fusion
3911 N. Sheridan
Chicago, IL 60613

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