Glenn's Diner

Glenn’s Diner is “a nice little place to eat”, wrote Noah, and that sums up quite well our thoughts on dinner last week at Glenn’s. Dining early, as we often do with the Taste Buds, they were fairly open on Monday night but the place was full when we left around 8:00. Not too bad... Read more »

La Bocca Della Verita

There is a restaurant not far away, quite well known for breakfast, that states on the menu something to the effect of “when dining with children, please order for them immediately”. I have eaten there one time and I broke all the rules, did not order for my children immediately, and was scolded by the... Read more »

The Elephant Thai

Chicago is overrun with Thai restaurants. Our neighborhood sacrificed its best Chinese restaurant to Thai several years ago, a venture that did not last, taking away a wonderful neighborhood Chinese spot (with fast and hot delivery) to replace it with a flashy mediocre Thai restaurant. Elephant Thai on Devon is not that restaurant. It’s a... Read more »

New England Seafood Company

The stretch of Lincoln Avenue, just north of Belmont, looks nothing like the Maine coast. Comparatively it is quite unattractive; the coffee shops, bakeries and nail salons a far cry from the blue water, towering pines and rocky coastline found near Cape Elizabeth.  However, if it’s a lobster roll and chowder you’re looking for, Lincoln... Read more »

Mythos Greek Taverna

It was not all Greek to them, or it was, but at least they really liked it. The challenge has become, not in finding places with nuggets and pizza rolls, but finding places that cater to both a meat lover (Noah) and a pass the vegetable girl (Mary).  Mythos on Montrose provided just enough lamb... Read more »

School Night Sushi

Mary and Kate have been eating sushi since they were old enough to hold Cheerios, almost. We found early on that the bite size pieces were fun and easy to pick up, finger food that actually was, not something we would have preferred to see moved with a fork. Hold the wasabi, wrap up that... Read more »

Sabor A Cuba

“Cuba?” “Yes, Cuba. It’s an island near Florida. What language do you think they speak there?’ “Cuban?” Well guessed, but no, Spanish, thinking that might offer some insight as to what kind of food was coming. Rather we moved onto a political discussion of Cuba, communism, John F. Kennedy, and immigration, stopping short of trade... Read more »

Lunch Box Friday

What’s in a Taste Bud lunch box? Noah’s Friday feast: one roast beef sandwich (a little dry), Ritz crackers, a cheese stick and chocolate milk. Mary and Kate had hummus, pita chips, cheese, apples, Digestive biscuits, and water. Reviews were good, lunch boxes were empty, but weekend lunches are just more fun.      ... Read more »

Nha Hang Viet Nam

Perhaps if was the spring like weather that drove the request, a light and refreshing dinner of Bun Kho and fruit smoothies, an almost perfect choice when the weather is warm. Or possibly three children, worn and dehydrated from a day of running wild, knew that nothing refuels a depleted sodium supply like Vietnamese fish... Read more »

Sun Wah BBQ

For seven years the image of ducks has been of those trolling Belmont Harbor looking for sandwich scraps, or the infamous Mr. and Mrs. Mallard of Robert McCloskey’s classic “Make Way for Ducklings”. That is no longer the case. Included now, ducks, heads still attached, hanging in the window of Sun Wah BBQ on Broadway,... Read more »