Kurah Mediterranean Tapas - A Food Adventure

Have you ever been to a restaurant that upon walking through the doors you instantly knew you were about to take a food adventure?  That the experience of just the décor and fragrant air was so special that you could not wait to be seated?  Or your taste buds watered and your tummy growled as you walked past others enjoying colorful food and cocktails?

Welcome to Kurah Mediterranean Tapas!

The South Loop neighborhood is where I call home.  It is also the home of Kurah, my new food-driven addiction.  The food is so flavorful, fragrant, and simply beautiful that it seems to make love to all your senses.  Each small plate and sharable-entrée features true Mediterranean flavors in both hot and cold varieties which makes it a great spot for all palettes and special dietary needs (vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan).  Every dish is prepared using all organic produce and free-range meats and poultry which is all hand selected on a daily basis by the chef.  In fact, they have even chosen to scale down on refrigerator storage ensuring that what comes out of the kitchen is fresh, bright, and delicious!  The menu boasts a fabulous selection of wines, beers on tap, and artful cocktails (like a Blood Orange Manhattan with Grand Marnier!).

My new-found addiction doesn’t just come from stunningly prepared food, it  is also fed by the décor and hospitality at Kurah, something the staff views to be just as important as their menu and chef.  Everything Kurah is and offers is done with a level of sophistication, finesse, and commitment the way a true boutique restaurant should aspire to.  The walls were hand painted, stenciled, and jeweled by a local artist.  The color palette of the restaurant comes from brightly colored brocade pillows, glass candle holders, and other Mediterranean-themed accents.    The main dining room also includes a Chef's Table and Private Room, a mezzanine level dining area, and patio seating (perfect for a crisp autumnal evening!).

All in all Kurah Mediterranean Tapas is truly a Chicago gem featuring Midwest charm and adventurous international flavors.  Whether you decide to come with friends, on date-night, or you are just in need of a fabulous food adventure, make Kurah your next stop.  A few decades ago Mr. Sinatra crooned “this is my kind of town!” and it is places like Kurah that makes it ring true today.

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