Trader Joe's is CHIC-ago!

Having spent most of my life living on the East Coast in Boston and NYC, I had the privilege of shopping at gourmet markets like Citarella, Dean and Deluca and Chelsea Market.  I could wonder around specialty food stores for hours on end, filling up my hand-carried basket, eventually needing to switch to a cart.  Shopping was an event!  It was about carrying the perfect canvas tote trimmed with cognac leather, choosing a Parisian inspired outfit and bringing my American Express (I hated getting that bill)!

While I still love to splurge at some of the fabulous gourmet markets Chicago has to offer, Trader Joe's is fast becoming my new favorite!  Their shelves are filled with private-label products, fresh produce, and a fantastic wine section!    Since my life is based in the kitchen (I'm currently sitting on my counter!), I am constantly on the lookout for new luxurious, chic, and budget-friendly products that will elevate both my entertaining ability and cuisine.  With more than 15 stores in a 25 mile radius from downtown Chicago, Trader Joe's is fast becoming a staple in most neighborhoods.  The next time you are shopping at Trader Joe's, pick up a few of my favorite products and let the entertaining begin!

Enjoy this simple yet chic recipe using a few of my TJ's favorite products:




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  • Marc--Have you tried Cookie Butter or Powerberries? So. Good. Cheers!

  • We shop at the Lincoln Ave. TJ's and love it. Our son, who distributes wine through his company Vinejoy (, recommends Lazy Bones cabernet franc from Paso Robles, CA. It's a couple bucks more than the Cotes du Rhone (which we also love and buy frequently), but worth twice the TJ's price, according to our son, and he doesn't even distribute it!

  • Natalie, Cookie Butter is my secret mid-night snack!

  • Floyd, thank you for sharing! I will pick up a few bottles today! Cheers!

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