It Must Be Said, America, We Have it Wrong

It Must Be Said, America, We Have it Wrong
Las Vegas at Sunset Public domain photo Pixabay

One day after the carnage in Las Vegas, there is only one thing I can think to say. Only one thing that must be said.

We have it wrong.

We have it wrong when:

Weapons of war rain down on a crowd

The tat-tat-tat of automatic rifles cut through an autumn night

Ring in a baby's ear

A faceless shooter targets a high school honor student

When a grandmother dies in her husband's arms

We have it wrong when:

A bride's plans for a wedding die with her

A special ed teacher realizes she won't see her students again

A young man crouches over his wife as bullets ping around them

And he dies saving her

When drivers cram their cars with dying strangers

We have it wrong when:

The shooter dies and the melee stops

The ambulances and media arrive

The tears and prayers pour in

When the flowers, candles, and stuffed animals pile up

We have it wrong when:

A pregnant woman weeps for her unborn child

Worries about the world he will enter

A returning soldier wonders what he is fighting for

Those who lead our country throw up their hands

Ply us with platitudes

We have it wrong, if nothing changes







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