A Brief, Haulting Dirge For Halloween in America

A Brief, Haulting Dirge For Halloween in America
Our Blood Moon

I have never much liked Halloween. The ghoulish excessiveness of it combined with the collective guilt to buy sugar in pounds. Dispense it to wide-eyed children.

This year's indifference for Halloween, however, has much to do with what is happening in America. Coming on the heels of FBI indictments,  Halloween seems sinister. Pumpkins appear to be jeering. Their faces remind me of the gleeful, self-indulgent lobbyist who, thanks to millions of untaxed dollars, sustained a creepy, gooey existence. Who, much like the harvest moon overhead, managed to deftly slip in and out of the shadows.

Until Monday morning.

While encouraged the tide may be turning for this slippery spirit and others like him,  I am not ready to celebrate. I have learned that these things take time and don't always end the way I want. So, I prefer instead to remember this Halloween as an especially dark one.

And yet I'm certain my mood will lift as soon as I see the first trick or treaters. Hear the crunch of leaves under their young feet, the din of their excited giggles.  They are who give me hope for the future.

And for America.



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