To the Man in the White House: Follow the CEOS. Go Home.

To the Man in the White House: Follow the CEOS. Go Home.
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This blog was created to bring people from around the world together. To honor our differences, celebrate our commonalities. It has been difficult for me to do that these days.

I never meant for this to be a platform for discussing political views. But in order for interviewees to trust me, trust that I will listen to what they say without judgment, I need to let them know where I stand on the events of the past few days in Charlottesville, Virginia. And on the man heading the government.

If I had that man's ear, I would tell him this: I want you gone. Removed from an office you don't deserve. Dispatched to the history books as a scurrilous footnote. It's over. You do not serve me. You do not serve the majority of Americans in this great country.

Go home.

Your house is crumbling. The exodus is deafening, as in the CEOs who resigned from your councils this week and the ones you "released" today. Despite what your daily dossiers tell you, a major swath of the American people are also troubled by your actions. So troubled, they are screaming and weeping and locking their doors. Venting on social media. Tumbling into bed for another night of turbulent slumber. Looking at each other in disbelief.

This is the America you created, by giving credence to the ugliest elements of society.

Ever since you were elected, I have been wondering who you really are. Looking for glimmers of hope. Trying to tell myself that, in time, you will exude balance and empathy in your leadership. That you will realize the totality of your responsibility to the American people. Yesterday, when you reiterated your stand on the violent white supremacist attacks in Charlottesville, you convinced me you are unable to lead or unite us. With those words, you made it abundantly clear who you are. And I lost the last shred of hope I had that you are interested in quelling the spiraling distress in this country.

I am spent. Done. Finished.

And I want you to leave.

This is not about left or right. It is about civility, empathy, and respect. The respect you so desperately crave yet are so painfully unable to display when being questioned by those who are merely looking for answers. Your treatment of opponents, women, the disabled, and minorities is so vile, I know parents who are afraid to let their children listen to your words.

Who am I? I am nobody. Just a white, middle-aged woman who lives in a safe, comfortable suburb. Who is tired of being quiet. I have no power, no lobby, no backing. I am prepared for you to dismiss me. I expect you to ridicule me. Call me names. But when you do, you will only be tugging at one tiny thread in a quilt of America that is unraveling because of your hateful rhetoric and actions. Ugliness and bigotry have always been a part of our history. All Americans are aware of that. But the best leaders I have seen over the course of my life tried very hard not to give these factions an audience. Empower them. Stoke their fury.  You, on the other hand, allowed them to unleash it.

In the hope that it isn't too late to repair what you have done, I implore you to take your leave. As the great great granddaughter of an Iowa farmer who sheltered runaway slaves on the Underground Railway. As the granddaughter of Hungarian and Prussian immigrants who came to this country in search of a better life. As the daughter of a WWII veteran who saw unimaginable horrors in the North Atlantic.  As the cousin of a Marine who died fighting in the Korean conflict. As the mother and step-mother to five very different, caring, and responsible adults. As the grandmother to a little boy whose parents both served in the Navy. As mother-in-law to a gay Jewish woman whose father and grandmother survived the Holocaust.

As an average American, I urge you to curtail the damage. Spare the country a lengthy and embarrassing impeachment trial. Admit your failure. Let someone who exhibits compassion and empathy, a knowledge of history, and service to country take your place.

There are many who qualify.




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