Future Bench Mob looks bright

Future Bench Mob looks bright

It's not fair to compare the Bulls current bench to the famous Bench Mob. The Bulls clearly miss Korver's shooting, especially when they're ranked 29th in the league at three-point percentage. The Bulls defense remains strong, but don't think for a second they don't miss Asik's big body as he's averaging 10pts 11rebs with the Rockets. As the Bulls downgraded their bench to absorb Rose's new max contract, the Bulls bench still has a few spots that shine bright like a diamond.


Marquis Teague- Not quite as good as his brother, Jeff Teague. Marquis Teague had a  phenomenal year with Kentucky as they won the NCAA National Championship. He came into the Bulls summer league unfit and was despicable to even watch. He averaged close  to six turnovers per game, not to mention his horrific field-goal percentage. However, after getting back into shape, many compare his work ethic to Derrick Rose. After-all, they're both cut from the John Calipari cloth. Teague has become the talk of the town since Kirk's injury, and he's starting to put his fingerprint on each game that he plays. Thibodeau generally has a hard time trusting his rookies, especially if he's 19 like Teague.

Jimmy Butler- Two words: Brewer 2.0. That's what we all thought when the season started, but we have yet to be disappointed. We already know how his defense is elite, he can defend multiple positions with his speed and strength. However, now he's starting to separate himself from the Ronnie Brewer comparison with his offense. He's starting to shoot with confidence and is making teams pay, he can hit the open shot or score off hustle points. His ability to rebound is underrated too, he crashes the boards with no regards. With a few minor tweaks on both offense and defense, the Bulls could own a Taj Gibson type player at the shooting guard position.

Taj Gibson- Nobody is really sure if he'll be a part of the Bench Mob too long. Some fans complain that he should be starting over Boozer, but Reinsdorf would never let a $80 million player come off the bench. Taj can't really show his true potential as a bench player for the Bulls, much like Omer Asik. The Bulls team rebounding system held Asik from showing his true colors, as soon as he landed in Houston, he started to explode on the box score. So if the Bulls end up amnestying Boozer, the assumption would be Taj would finally become a starter. However, that can change if Mirotic comes from overseas and takes that spot. Even if Taj ends up starting, Mirotic would be a hell of an addition to the Bench Mob.

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