The Bulls look to restore hope in the city of Chicago

The Bulls look to restore hope in the city of Chicago


The Bulls can't seem to catch a break this season when it comes to injuries. Bulls fans needed something to believe in since the loss of Rose, and last night's loss didn't help their aching hearts. Although it has only been a few days since the Bulls lost Rose, fans in Chicago feel like it has been an eternity since they felt happiness about the Bulls. Rightfully so too, they saw their season fly out the window when they saw Rose fall in pain.

However, to say the Bulls are over is a very wrong assumption. Last night, the Bulls just simply couldn't hit  open shots while the Sixers' players nailed fade-away jumpers while being double teamed. The Bulls defense just wasn't there in the second half, Philly shot nearly 64% from the field after halftime. Another key component in the Bulls loss was the rebounding, Chicago was out rebounded 38-32 in the game. The Bulls only hope for a championship without Rose is doing what they do best, rebounding and defense. "Disappointed" Chicago's Joakim Noah said. "Disappointing effort overall. We didn't play well defensively. We didn't play well offensively." That is one word that described the Bulls last night, disappointing.

Coach Thibodeau puts it best: "We know who we are; we're a defensive team, we've got to rebound, we've got to take care of the ball. Everyone has to understand just do your job, do your job, that's all we have to do." Nobody is asking John Lucas or CJ Watson to average 25 ppg and 8 assists every game like Rose, just do your job and just do it better. This mostly is directed towards the leaders like Rip, Deng, and especially Boozer. Carlos Boozer as we all know slacks off on defense which hurts them a lot, but the Bulls knew that before signing him. They brought Boozer in for this post-play, and more often than not, he has yet to bring it. Boozer has lately been settling for his 15-18 foot jump-shots and avoiding the post. That's fine, just as long as he hits them which lately he has been struggling.

The only game-plan  for Game 3 is playing Bulls Basketball. The Bulls need to bring it on both ends if they wish to beat Philly, with a coach like Thibodeau, I'm sure they will.



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    Boozer is an aging veteran and has limited skills. Luol Deng is hurt. He's practically playing with one hand. Hamilton is another aging veteran and he can barely play 20 minutes in a game. Taj Gibson needs to become more aggressive on offense. Kyle Korver needs to take the shot as soon as he has a tiny bit of room to shoot. Watson needs to initiate the offense by driving and making crisp passes. Same with Lucas. Less dribble, more passing, driving, and shooting. Noah's shot will most likely be there for him if he steps out. He needs to shoot it.

    The Bulls need to play team ball as crisp as possible. If they can't, then they will lose this series. Maybe losing Rose was the beginning of the end for the 2012 Bulls. I wouldn't be shocked. The team is built around Rose. Watson and Lucas are just bench players. Both those guys would be playing a combined 5 minutes or so per game if Rose was healthy. They both played well in the regular season to a degree but that was the regular season. The playoffs brings more pressure and better defenses.

    Anyways, I'm still leaning towards the Bulls losing in 6 games. As coach green would say in this video..., the Bulls are who we thought they were, maybe Philly will let them off the hook?

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