Who will be the Bulls' new Bright Knight?

Who will be the Bulls' new Bright Knight?


The question shouldn't be who is the new Bright Knight, it should be what is the new Bright Knight? The answer is defense. They have to rely on their defense now more than ever, now it is their only consistent trait that the Bulls maintain.

Derrick Rose won't be missed on the defensive end as much, but on offense he will be missed greatly. So who has to step it up? Everybody. Boozer and Korver have to make their shots, they have to keep the defense honest so other guys can contribute greatly. If Boozer and Korver knock down their open shots, they'll make the Bulls run much smoother. The Bulls can't really rely on Luol Deng to save them on the offensive end, he is already giving all his energy and effort on the defensive end. Besides, nobody expects Deng to save them on offense especially since he has a torn left wrist ligament.

However, their are two players that are the major "X Factor". First is the '04 champion, Rip Hamilton. He has to be the offensive focal point, the offense has to start and finish with Rip. He has to bring it every single night if the Bulls want to even imagine holding the Championship trophy, and he is up to the challenge. He has to be extremely aggressive coming off screens and posting up smaller guards, but he has to be careful because we all know how injury prone he has been this season.

The other player that is the "X Factor" is little Johnny Lucas. He may look small, but his heart is big. He is one of the most streaky shooters in the NBA, that is why hes is a big "X Factor". If he has his shot going, he can carry you on his shoulders without any hesitation. Then again, he is streaky, he can also shoot you out of a game. John Lucas doesn't need to bring 25 points a game for the Bulls to win, he just needs to bring some instant offense, and be consistent with his game.

Never underestimate the heart of a champion.


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    FYI, Derrick Rose's defense will be missed. Watson's weakness is his defense. I think John Lucas needs to come in and bring the pain every night. He needs to produce 15+ points per game. Otherwise, I suspect the Bulls offense will become rather predictable and probably one of the worse in the playoffs. Noah, Taj, Hamilton, Brewer, Deng need to be close to perfect now on defense to help aleviate the pressure on there offense.

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