Was Derrick Rose's Injury a Blessing in Disguise?

Was Derrick Rose's Injury a Blessing in Disguise?


The Bulls have been playing safe with their star point guard, Derrick Rose. They urged him not to rush back because he had a good chance of re-injuring the groin. If the Bulls were chasing the 8th seed, their is a good chance Rose would have been playing last week against the Thunder. The Bulls simply don't need him right now, his teammates are picking up the slack. Also, with Miami taking every game very casually, it gives the Bulls more reasons to rest Rose. The Heat seem like they are not clicking, or they just don't care about the regular season. Its best to believe they don't care that they are the second seed and  are just coasting until the playoffs.

So how exactly is it a "blessing in disguise" to have your MVP out for 20 plus games? Simple, you get to rest him. With a robotic coach like Tibz, its hard for anybody to understand his concept on resting guys. Last year the Bulls were the best team in the regular season, but they were gassed out when the playoffs came. When the Miami series came, the Bulls had no life in them excluding game 1. Even this year, coach Tibz has Deng playing the second most minutes in the NBA with a torn wrist ligament. With Rose resting his body for the last 20 plus games, he can come to the playoffs extremely fresh and ready to take on the Heat.

Derrick Rose's injury is also a blessing in disguise because now Bulls fans can actually see how good the Bulls really are without Rose. When Derrick played, it felt like the Bulls leaned on his athletic abilities way too much. Now the Bulls know how to operate when Rose is off the floor. The Bulls got to see what John Lucas is really about, and Carlos Boozer has finally earned the right to be labeled as a $16 million man.


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